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Burst water main (again..)

edited February 2013 in Sharing
There's another burst water main on Crouch Hill.  The 5/6th in a year.  Was speaking to the Thames Water engineer who is just as exasperated.  Do any other roads have as many problems?  Is it the condition of the pipes in the area or just a localised weak pipe here?  


  • Hi! We had a burst water mains last weekend at the corner of marquis and Florence road. Was really nice to see you at book club yesterday!
  • The odd thing is we had a power cut due to a failed electricity cable on the corner of Florence and Marquis only a week earlier.  Given the two incidents were about 10 feet apart, I wonder if there has been some kind of subsidence that damanged both utilities..<br><br>roy<br>
  • good point. what's next do you think Roy? sewage problems...? oh please no
  • Or gas.  Or cable.  Are BT's wires above ground or below here?<br>
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