Crime scene?

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Police tape and crime scene tent next to Lawson Court flats at the SGR end of Lorne Road.    Patrol car in attendance with lights dimmed.    But no other activity.  What's all that about then?<br>


  • Noticed two fast response ambulances there about 4-ish.  
  • It's around the electricity sub-station building.  Often seems to attract dodgy going-ons. 
  • I'm slightly intrigued as to what 'dodgy going-ons' might require a high voltage transformer.  I'm assuming there's just some dark corners around there or something?<br><br>Mind you, I hadn't even noticed there was a substation on Lorne Road.  Or possibly substations are just so instantly forgettable that I notice it every time I walk past it and then just.... instantly forget :-)<br><br>roy<br>
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    It's essentially an empty building but somebody told me it's an electricity sub-station.  In the summer people hang out there.  Derelict buildings or what seem to be non-functioning buildings often have that attraction.  I once saw workmen going in there.  Perhaps it's a secret world where men with jumpers-over-shirts go and discuss how to control Stroud Green.  They then go on to Seasons to round the night off. The shadowy elite.<div><br></div><div>Anyway, something serious went down there today.  If I find out anything, I'll let you know.</div>
  • Two points - first  I don't think that electricity sub station area is especially dodgy.      Some dope dealers did hang out there for a couple of weeks a few years ago but they soon pissed off somewhere else after they were rumbled.    I walk past it every night and I'm always surprised and cheered that it ain't covered with graffiti, if there were kids hanging out there all the time it would be.<br><br>And second, Kreuzkav is right.    People go in and out all the time dressed as 'workmen' .   I know for a fact that it's a secret back entrance to an MI6 underground installation beneath the flats with a tunnel that connects to the Mind shop in one direction and the Met Police secret firearms training squad at Finsbury Park Station in the other.   Go figure.  It explains a lot.<br>
  • @ Krappy.  You seem to know too much.  Perhaps you have a secret olive oil bottling plant operating from time to time there.  Now that I think of it, the men in overalls are probably olive oil enthusiasts who underneath the disguise are wearing stylish jumpers-over-shirts.  But I'm not forgetting the free-masons often disguised their activities around flour. 
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