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Well I never! Next door to Nisa, it's been here for years, and I've only just got stuck in. Not busy at the moment, and the nice 16 year old son is minding the shop, and - guess what folks! - he makes a mean macchiato! Plus comfortable armchairs and settee, Wifi, never too crowded - what more could you want? (That OK, Mehdi...? WHOOPS!)


  • I like this place, too!
  • The falafel wraps (£4) are the best thing I have eaten in a while. Ask Hussein for it spicy. This is my favourite place and most frequent place in Stroud Green. He has survived the onslaught on new local competition. Hussein is a top guy
  • All the above is true, but there are one two negatives. For me, they are the music, and the weekend TV football. Hussain usually turns the radio down for me, but not without a certain amount of ribbing. Which brings me to another plus: he is a clown, and can be very funny. Oh, and there is also a chess set, left by Krappyrubsnif, as Sutent very well knows...
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