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New shops on SGR - flowers and organic

edited February 2013 in Reviews
I may have been walking with my eyes closed during the grey months, but I noticed 2 new shops (or new to me) at the SGR/Hanley Road end. A new flower shop besides Sainsbury and across the road an Organic shop.  Has anyone tried either of them?  Always nice to find new shops and not the usual take out or estate agent. 


  • The Organic shop opened a while ago, there's quite a bit about it on other threads. If you pop Organic into the search bar you'll find them. I only noticed the new flower shop yesterday, they had a lovely display of daffs outside. They could do with some prices on things. I have discovered that the chap who owns the flower shop down by the Post Office is also the leaseholder for Tesco! That's why he runs the flower shop for a bit of ready cash and mainly as a social club - doesn't need to make a profit.
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    That's interesting. As I've said elsewhere, the Organic place is great. Not as good for fruit and veg as Ash's, but excellent bread, lots of herbs and spices, fancy chocolate, nut butter and weird ingredients galore. The florist seems ok, but if you can make it there With Love on the Hornsey Road/ Tollington Park crossroads is much better.
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