What could possibly go wrong?

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I could kiss everybody!   I'm in a really good mood.   I've just finished twelve weeks of teaching and the students seem very happy. Tonight I am going to cook beetoot tarte tatin and halibut steak with fresh veg for supper. Then I'll pop into the local for a pint and finish the crossword before listening to my Small Faces Ultimate CD collection and get an early night. Tomorrow I'll browse some Italian homework over a lazy breakfast cappucino and spend an hour in the British Museum before wandering to my favourite London real ale pub for a sausage roll and a pint, then get a Boris Bike up to the gym and relax in the sauna for the afternoon.   On Sunday I'll visit the farmer's market and take a long walk before lunch, spend a few hours in the Lichtenstein show at the Tate Gallery, then wander home, switch on the TV and uncork a bottle of fine Italian red wine.  And I'll do the last of the marking on Monday. <br><br>What could possibly go wrong? <br>


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