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Moray muggings

edited March 2013 in Sharing
I was told of two nasty ones, in Woodfall, more or less opposite where Kokayi was, both in the last few days. Perhaps the muggers are taking advantage of the school's closure. Our patch has felt unsafe off and on, over the last few months. The top of Charteris was a bad spot in the autumn. I wish they would hurry up and catch the culprits, assuming it's always the same ones. In the meanwhile, beware.


  • That is worrying. My mum was approached last year near that narrow alley which leads to the infants school by a couple of coloured guys asking for 'a tube fare' - 5 quid. It spooked her quite a bit but she paid I think. Which bit of Charteris do u mean, the Park Tavern end? Think CCTV would be good round those park areas. Sad but there u go. Chang
  • I never walk down Woodfall, I saw a couple of very open drug deals there when I first moved here and it put me off that stretch.
  • Blimey I go there everyday. (But avoid the alley ). The cops should get down there. No wonder that lovely school shut. Chang
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