Love moaning about local schools?

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<div>Here's your chance to make a difference - become a school governor</div>


  • We're looking for new Governors down in Canonbury too - if you're interested get in touch.
  • I wish I had this to moan about.  I'll just moan about not having any children and not being able to moan about a local school.
  • Offer your services as Uncle-for-hire.<br>
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    @kreuzkav In fact you don't need to be a parent to be a Community Governor, which is what SG are looking for two of. There are Parent (and Staff, and Local Authority) Governors <a href="">too</a>, but Community Governors do what it says on the tin - represent the local community.<br><br>Without doubt one's interest in local primary education might be heightened by having a sprog at the school or elsewhere, but community governorship is an opportunity to help steer the direction of a hugely important local establishment and contribute to the Greater Good.<br><br>From a more self-interested perspective, today's 4-11 year olds will be teenagers in the metaphorical blink of an eye and the nation's soldiers, forum posters, child molesters, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, heathen leeches on the welfare state and everything in between shortly thereafter. Whichever loins they sprang from, they will be supporting us (whether directly or indirectly) when we can no longer support ourselves. And/or murdering us in our beds.<br><br>So whether its readers are altruist or nay, Miss Annie's invitation is worth everybody thinking about.<br>
  • @ RedSturgeon.  Totally agree with you. Though I'd feel it odd getting involved without having some relations or connection with the school.  But it's a good cause, for sure!
  • I work in a school and our community governors are just interested North Londoners - nothing to do with the school.  The chair of governors and headteacher have been interviewing for governors who particularly have marketing or financial experience.  Contact <a href=""></a> to volunteer and they will help match you to a school.
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">Hi everyone, just to re-iterate what others have said: being a parent or carer isn't a pre-requisite - all backgrounds & perspectives are most welcome. I'm one of the existing Community Governors at Stroud Green Primary but have no children myself and had no previous connection with the school. I find being a Governor very rewarding but be warned, it needs a significant time commitment to do it justice!</font>
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    What mattlingard and wisteria53 said, except that I'd be wary of the sgoss website when I looked at it a couple of years back it said that there were no vacancies in Islington, when actually there were tons.
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