• Yes the park is quite tidy now , even after the Fair. Maybe we should thank Mrs T ! Chang
  • Really? Why then have you chosen a link which is so explicitly anti-union, and implicitly pro-Thatcher? For the record, I don't do jumping up and down on somebody's grave, not even Osama bin Laden's, but the rapid deification of that destructive, reactionary monster of the 80's is making me sick. Not very keen on rubbish, either.
  • The WI, along with other volunteers, did a big litter pick in the park a couple of weeks ago. Hope you'll all be out to volunteer for the next one.
  • @checksi surely that is a daft question. <br><br>I would imagine Thomas chose it because it shows a three-quarter mile stretch of uncollected rubbish in Finsbury Park which is quite astonishing, most of us will never have seen before and has only been unearthed due to being attached to that article.<br><br>He then even added a note saying he wasn't posting it to do with politics.<br><br>@Miss Annie, if you stick the next litter pick on here and I see it, I will volunteer.<br>
  • Fascinating photo. Thanks for highlighting it!
  • @PapaL, we will post the next WI/community litter pick here as we did for the last one, and will try to choose a better day for it - it was very cold and snowy on 23/3!
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    It's hard to imagine this happening (the rubbish in London in the late 1970s) now.  We are now a cowering de-unionized workforce.
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