Sad news about the railway

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Gooners luv the Railway pub at FP but it is now sold to a coffee shop opening May. Like we need another Starbucks in London ! Extra flats going on top with a penthouse roof garden watching the trains...Big shame as it is always a good venue for a pre and post match pint or five. The Railway is moving to another pub venue locally so the Gooner party spirit will live on but sadly not close to the station. Get ready for a mad opening party tho. Chang


  • Until I know better I will assume all of the above is fiction (save for the roof-extension which I have seen the plans for).  But I will take the opportunity to give a shout-out to The Railway.  I popped in recently and it was actually pretty good.  Should it survive I imagine it will do a roaring trade once the local redevelopments are finished, and wil presumably provide a useful alternative venue for punters waiting for their show to start at the theatre.<br>
  • Keep shouting but no one is listening cos it's shutting like I said. Sad. ;( but new venue will be good and probably bigger :) Chang
  • It's the best looking pub round here - if only it did proper beer.
  • Starbucks is moving in.<div>Its true,</div><div>Ive known for over a year that its happening.</div><div>The Railway is an old Gooner pub but its pretty rancid. Have you seen the toilets> I wouldnt go in them. And the interior in general is just old. Not classic old but shabby old.</div><div><br></div><div>I dont want Starbucks moving in.</div><div>But all the multinationals are moving in.</div><div>Look at the City North Delvelopement ready in 2014/2015, 150,000 sq ft of retail and their own entrance into the station. Every multinational you know will be there. This time in 5 year you wont even recognise that area.</div><div><br></div><div>For better or for worse</div><div>Its all happening</div>
  • I hate Starbucks. I would rather an undertakers go on there. The pub outside is quite attractive . I take your word about the bogs. City north mall will be like Wood Green Shopping City which is not much of a recommendation. At least the new home for the Railway will be bigger so it will be more comfy on match days Chang
  • I seem to remeber that some years back the Railway pub's sign came down in a storm and killed a pedestrian.
  • That's terrible! Gooners lost the old duke of Edinburgh only recently! How long before we see a maccers in Stroud green?
  • Please let me it be true. A Starbucks. Oh please.
  • Yep big mac and fries please.
  • There may be good news for old mates from the old Duke of Edinburgh pub... Watch this space. Chang. Yes, Rocky may come back...
  • Sad news for the Railway Pub, yet another London boozer lost. I also find it hard to believe that they'll be opening in so little time.<br>
  • Speak to John the Landlord (mate of Danny, fanny and Rocky) for the full SP. Chang
  • Being back the Osborne tavern! That was a real boozer and got replaced by nando's! I remember some legendary Leo Sayers in there.....
  • Is it definitely going to be a Starbucks?
  • I'm not a coffee geek but why would anyone prefer Starbucks to the array of coffee places already in SG. I imagine they will be targeting the theatre crowd, but people who live here have Vagabond, BBM and Dream River all of which, according to tastes, are held in high esteem. Are Starbucks coffee choices really better? I've found them to be cold, overpriced and (even by my low standards in the coffee stakes) lacking in oomph.
  • Totally agree. Substandard and over priced. The idea Americans do good coffee is a myth. Plus Starbucks stink of the disgraceful tax avoidance . Maybe the under used Socialist Workers extras could mount a protest? Actually i heard it might be a Costa which is a bit better. Chang
  • Imagine if it was another Vagabond!!!!!!
  • Good idea Don. Bradley Wiggins would prob go there too. Chang
  • The Mod connection. Always strong . Chang
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    No idea what you're talking about ;) sorry. <div>Here's hoping it isn't a starbucks anyway.</div>
  • @Chang - we saw Paul Weller on the street today. (Oxford street though)
  • Wow. And he still has that mullet. Always strong. Chang
  • He was full mullet, sunglasses and so much in the way of bangles and necklaces it was like he was going to a fancy dress party as Jimmy Saville. But he is Paul Weller, so he looked effortlessly cool doing it.
  • Get your teeth fixed Brian
  • It looks like The Railway is now closed down. I noticed construction type signs in the windows this morning.
  • I wonder if the construction work is for the roof extension or merely for the cafe conversion.<br>
  • I heard they are moving lock stock and barrel to the old n4 pub. Rockin!! Chang
  • Just walked past and the note in the window only mentions a residential conversion.
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