power cuts?

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Did anyone else get hit by this today? My electricity supply went out at about 6 am, and I left the house with it still off around 8.30 (no shower, no coffee, not a good start to the day). When I got back around 7 pm the various electrical timepieces suggested it had stayed off till about 4 in the afternoon. I don't think it was just me but would be interested to know!


  • There was a power cut in Wood Green this morning - don't know if it's a coincidence?  Station got shut (just after 9) and all the shops near theer were affected.
  • I'm in Corbyn St so it seems a bit far to be the same problem ... But we've had a couple of other short ones recently. Maybe the end of electricity is approaching, and in twelve months we will be foraging for firewood on the Parkland Walk and converting to the raw diet.
  • A cable burned out somewhere at the beginning of corbyn street. You can see the hole left where they did the work. Apparently they are coming back to do a permanent solution - this is temporary. I don't know if that means another outage.  I was without power until 5:30 as they re-connected in 2 sections. 
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