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I am officially a Cyclist! Detritus and I got bikes from Freecycle and we have ventured out as far as Euston on our trusty steeds. I hadn't ridden a bike since school (centuries ago), so it was all a bit hair raising the first time, but I have found other cyclists and even motorists to be courteous and helpful so far. Are there any easy to middling scenic rides around town that you'd recommend? Ideally not too hilly or busy. Thanks chaps!


  • Parkland Walk for starters :-)<br><br>You can try cycling along the canal to Victoria Park and beyond (to the Olympic Village), that's lovely.<br>
  • I did that ride from home to canary wharf on marathon weekend. Really nice ride, though very busy with pedestrians on a sunday. Goes past Broadway market, Victoria Park and hipster cycling cafe Lock 7 (<div><br></div><div>Bunch of rides round Lee Valley too:</div>;
  • Get on the canal at Camden Lock and cycle round the back of Regents Park and through the Zoo. You then have to come off at Lisson Grove to get to Little Venice on the roads, you can cycle through Little Venice then get back on the canal and continue on to Westbourne Park and further.<br><br>It's a bit tricky at Lisson Grove and Little Venice to follow the route so work it out first.<br><br>If you look at the map here <a href=""></a><br><br>You basically want Frampton St | Fisherton St | Aberdeen Place | Blomfield Road | Delamere Terrace and then you are back on the canal.<br><br>I often take this route to work, it's lovely on a sunny morning.<br><br>
  • Lock Seven is ace, as is the place next door.  I love that stretch of the canal.<br><br>Please remember that pedestrains have right-pf-way on towpaths, and that you must dismount going under canal bridges!<br>
  • I'd recommend wearing head to toe Lycra and cycling round and round regent's park as fast as you can.
  • Take early train from Haringey on a Saturday or Sunday (if they ever run them again!) out to Hertford North - 25 mins.  Spend a good few hours cycling back along the canal tow-path, via nature reserves, Broxbourne's St Augustine's Church, Waltham Abbey, picnic spots or riverside pubs, and err... Enfield and a fucking horrifically noisy go-kart track.  You can come out at Springfield Park then down Seven Sisters and home, or continue on to Limehouse or Victoria Park etc.  It is never that busy if you get on it early.<div><br></div><div>I don't understand cycling on the Parkland Walk - it's far too narrow and busy with runners and dog walkers.  There are better options.</div><div><br></div><div>Also, as Arkady says about dismounting, I've never seen anyone do it on that stretch down Regents canal.  Is that in the by-laws? Is not mentioned on the waterscape notices I've read. Cyclists won't even stop at traffic lights or indicate, why would they dismount on a towpath...  Only info signs down that way are 'two tings' on your bell.  </div>
  • Yes it's in the bylaws. There's also a sign on pretty much every bridge. Sadly you do have to be firm with some people.
  • I will abide by the rules, I stop at red lights too. Detritus has bought me a very loud horn which will scare the bejaysus out of any pedestrians flouting the rules and wandering along in the road. Particularly effective if you sneak up behind them and give them a toot.
  • By coincidence I cycled from Angel to Broadway Market along the canal for the first time yesterday evening, and I'm reasonably sure there's nothing on any of the bridges suggesting you should dismount.  There's 'give way' painted large on the tow path, but that was the only thing I spotted.  And I'm a pretty conscientious cyclist too, so signs wouldn't have had to have been too noticeable for me to get off.
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    I recommend these free/subsidised courses courtesy of TFL to get your riding skills/road rules/road techniques up to date.<br><br><p>I did one last year and it did a huge amount to my ability and confidence on the roads.<br></p><p></p>;
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    For anyone interested in actual facts, <br><br>There are no 'Cyclists Dismount' signs on any of the 12 tunnels/bridges from Broadway market down to Limehouse Basin.  Only signs saying 'Pedestrians have priority - considerate cyclists permitted' on at (I think) 3 places.  <br><br>BW Waterways Code says to dismount on low or blind tunnels.<br><br><br><br>;
  • You could weave through East London to the Lee Valley and then go along the river to Waltham Abbey. Misscara mentioned this route last year and it is blissful:
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    I checked bridges on my way to and from work on the route I mentioned above from Camden to Little Venice, no signs telling people to dismount. But they are mainly high bridges with wide paths.<br><br>There is a sign that says something like 'careful cyclists welcome, pedestrians have right of way'.<br><br>I ride this stretch of the canal almost daily and rarely see any bad behaviour between cyclists and walkers - but then it is nowhere near as busy as the Islington to Hackney stretch on a weekend afternoon.<br><br><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a><br><img src=""><br><img src=""><br><br>
  • <P>Misss A, This might interest you</P> <P><A href=""></A></P>; <P>There is also going to be a cycling festival in Finsbury Park on the 16th June.</P> <P> </P> <P>My best tip is keep an eye on cars front wheels and which they are moving as it will give you advance notice of where the car is going, lots of people don't indicate or look in the left mirror before turning left, also keep away from large lorries, skips etc turning left and always try to make eye contact with the drivers behind you at Traffic lights</P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P>
  • <P>Thank you all. Some great ideas and sound advice there.</P> <P>@Ali 16th is my birthday, I might potter round there before birthday lunch. Good advice too.</P>
  • And please be aware that car mirrors do have blind spots! I am pretty vigilant re cyclists, especially when turning left, but just occasionally am surprised by a bike I hadn't seen in any of the mirrors. A loud horn is a very sensible idea!
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    Congratulation, miss annie. Best thing you can do in London. Faster, better for your and the environment's health, cheaper, and you get to stumble over some hidden gems you probably won't see otherwise. <br>Welcome to the wonderful world of cyclists. Have fun. :-)<br><br>By the way: in case you didn't know, you can order free cycling guides from TFL: They show quieter roads.<br><br>nick-m: if you mean the outer circle, I'm doing that. Recently got me an old racer (viscount) and am enjoying the lightness of riding it. What a difference to a MTB! Only downside is the traffic at the gates, other than that: smooth and speedy cycling.<br>
  • vetski, how are you? <br>Worse, I find, are the drivers that see you and still think they need to turn into the street, making you brake hard. Happened recently to me, and in addition to that: the driver was on the phone. Oh the profanities that come out of me then. Not that he showed any remorse. Idiot!<br>
  • They have all the guides for North & Central London in the amazingly helpful Finsbury Park Cycles.
  • Great. I didn't know that. Ah well. I have most guides now, apart from the south.:-)<br>
  • Why would anyone go south?
  • For the cakes in the Garden History museum.
  • Okay, I admit to going to the south when necessary (my vet's in Richmond), but I'll take public transport then anyway.<br>
  • <div>Those guides are good whatever your North South bias.  As I'm sure most of you know the route to central london from Horsney road, via emirates stadium/central library across Holloway road onto madras place, then left towards Thornhill road onto Amwell road then either straight on to the city or hang a left to the west end is a quieter non bus route way to go.</div>
  • I'd recommend joining the London Cycling Campaign ( as they do great work on issues close to most cyclists' hearts. And membership confers a 10% discount in most cycle shops.
  • <P>Going through the back of Finsbury Park over Manor House up to Stamford Hill and then down through Springfield Park on the Hertford Canal is always good. From there down to the Olympics on to the Greenway and south onto North Woolwich and over the rive on the ferry. </P> <P>Other is up to Tottenham Hale onto the Hertford Canal all the way to Hertford and then back on the train from Hertford North to Finsbury Pk</P> <P> </P>
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