Ole Pera

Went to Ole Pera last night. Quite good. End of review.


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  • It's the place formerly known as Sugar Lounge. Lots of plants, very similar menu from the looks of it.
  • We went and I wouldn't recommend it personally.
  • looks too big, nice to have new places open but I dont think any of the other local restaurants will be having skeepless nights....
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    All right then, here's my review. No surprises here. The menu is absolutely standard Turkish fare, same as everywhere. Though when we went it turned out to be tasty, well cooked, well presented, so no complaints on that score. Unfortunately what this place lacks is any atmosphere. Its got all the charm of a Novotel or the Watford Gap services. Fixtures, fittings, decor, seats, cutlery, the lot - all magically planted here by the marketing department of Ibis Hotels from Frankfurt-am-Maine. A little too sterile for us in Stroud Green, I fear. Also much too big. Wrong concept, wrong place. Can't see it working. Not a patch on all the fun of a certain other Turkish place down the road......
  • What other Turkish place?<br>
  • Sugar Lounge said that most of their (non-alcoholic) takings were from the platters. I noticed that Ole Pera isn't offering any, or at least they weren't on opening. Interesting choice, that... <br>
  • I like Novotels - they bring back memories of driving on holiday in France.
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  • Chapter 2 opens in June according to Meg
  • They've got flowers in place - it'd better be soon, before they wither away! (Unless they're of the plastic variety). <br>
  • They're opening tomorrow.
  • Great news! I will kill Meg for the faulty info. Chang Ps not literally ! Pps SO miss the old Chapter One...good nites.
  • Ah yes, Petek. I like Petek. Although, to be honest, I had far too many crazy good times in Sugar Lounge for it ever to be replaced in my heart. In  fact I had a message from Bee on Facebook t'other day. It seems she's got a 2-bed, self-catered apartment in Bodrum for rent. Who fancies it?<br><br>
  • Where today in Stroud Green can you go for a post-movies cocktail or drink and a bit of a knees up as you did with the good times in Sugar Lounge? All the pubs are full of exhausted indifferent bar staff and drunken oafs, there's nowhere to sit down or they're about to close. Anyway all they serve is beer and bad wine. The cafes are all shut and the restaurants want to serve you food. What this place needs is a WINE BAR with a bit of pizzazz. Discuss.
  • <P>I'm with you on that Krappy. Sugar Lounge was always a good option</P> <P>I'd also like somewhere to drink where women done themselves up a bit :P</P>
  • Quite right, accompanying a proper woman out for a pleasant evening anywhere round here is a challenge.
  • The Front Room on Tollington Park would convert into a nice night time venue. I'm sure the fun police would put a stop to it though
  • Try The Plough 354 Hornsey Road, R & J. Chang
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