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Yummy Italian deli food from SGOO at bargain prices

edited June 2013 in Classifieds
Dear Stroud Green foodies<br><br>I have a few items of yummy Italian deli food left over from the Stroud Green Olive Oil market stall, and I'd like to flog it off at cost price or less as it's cluttering up my kitchen.  All well within expiry date, but nobody bought them on the olive oil stalls.<br><br>All local produce from a small local organic food producer and mushroom farm near Casa Meridiana, Abruzzo (twinned with Lorne Road).   They are:<br><br>Abruzzo sliced Funghi Pleurotus in olive oil (2 jars @ 560g, £4 each)<br>Pleurotus mushrooms are a tasty kind of mushroom grown there that you don't get here.<br><br>Extra Virgin White Truffle Oil  (2 bottles @ 250ml, £5 each and one bottle @ 100ml, £2.50) (really yummy to add to pizza or pasta)<br><br>Black Truffle Paste / Salsa (2 jars @ 80g, £3.80 each) - makes like a pesto.<br><br>If anybody is interested please DM me through this site, and I'll arrange to get the stuff to you somehow or other.  Don't worry,, I have kept a couple back for myself.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>


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