Stone Roses tickets

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I have two spare tickets for Saturday's gig for sale at face value. Inbox if interested.<br>


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    There are lots for sale! I wonder if anyone who originally bought them is still going, or did everyone buy them thinking they'd sell for fortunes on eBay then come unstuck?
  • This is a normal occurrence. Typically good intentioned and selfless individuals offer to buy tickets for a group of friends thinking that the gig will be sold out anyway, so will be able to shift them on if someone doesn't want to go. As it transpires, some people in the friendship group hedge their bets, see who else is going and say they'll "pay when we meet up". They then change their mind last minute and flake. You bought 6, have 3 defos, and then spend the final 5 days before the gig desperately trying to shift the spares. You end up taking whatever from a towt on the way in just to claw some money back.  <div><br></div><div>Good luck Natashly. I hope you shift them. I've never learnt and have been done quite a few times.</div>
  • I benefited from exactly that situation recently - free £60 ticket to see Helen Mirren in The Audience because my pal couldn't be faffed to find another buyer.
  • 2 x tickets for tonight available. Face value 110 ONO. Inbox if interested
  • Yep - that's the nail on the head BrodieJ. Two friends requested I got theirs ages ago when I ordered them and have since blown us out. At least my fella isn't so unreliable or it'd be a lonley gig!<br><br>
  • I'll swap your (Saturday only) Stone Roses tickets for my Kings of Leon ones! <div><br></div><div>Or looking to sell if anyone's interested (sorry to hijack thread). Wednesday at the O2, two tickets, £50 each face value, but will sell for less.</div>
  • STOP PRESS: I've sold 'em already! Thanks for offers and comments. Maybe we should start a permanent ticket swap board for locals :)<br>
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