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Does anyone have an old (70s/80s), but functioning, road bike?

edited June 2013 in Classifieds
For me? I'm wondering if anyone has an old racer in their garage/shed, that has been sitting there for decades without being looked at. I'd love to have another bike I can ride daily, while I restore mine. Unfortunately, my bike's cost me quite a bit already, so I don't have very much else to give than a loving home for your old one. <br><br>Or perhaps someone has some old wheels (700c/27 by 1.25) they don't have a use for. I know it's cheeky to ask for 'freebies' or very cheap, but if you don't try, you never know, right? One person's 'rubbish' can be exactly what the other one's looking for. :-)<br><br>Oh, by the way: I am also looking for a Lambert/Viscount chain ring, which looks like this:<br><br>Okay, okay, I'll go away now. <br><br>For those in the park: enjoy the concert.<br>
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