Borough-Wide 20mph Speed Limit in Haringey

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I’m aware that this isn’t an uncontroversial issue, but after refusing to do so for years Haringey are intending to carry out a consultation on whether to create a borough-wide 20mph speed limit. In Stroud Green ward this would only affect Ferme Park Road and (I think) some parts of Upper Tollington.<br><br>Do you have an opinion about this? If so, the Lib Dem’s consultation is here, and the results will be fed back to Haringey:<br>;


  • Is there a general consultation or just libdem one?
  • Haven't they already started doing this? Upper Tollington Park now has 20 mph limits signed on the road...
  • There is a general consultation, though I don't know if it has started yet.  But frankly we don't trust them to do a good job of it.<br>
  • New traffic calming measures were put in on Upper Tollington recently after another Lib Dem petition campaign.  We can actually get stuff done, you know!<br>
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    The words "enforcement", "Haringey" and "lack" come to mind.
  • All for safer, better driving and traffic managment but does any consultation mention that emmissions increase when a car is driven in lower gears to maintain 20mph? Where are the stats on air quality in relation to that. The thing is Haringey is such a huge borough my guess is it may only be introduced on the Islington borders. Traffic flow on Upper Tollington is an 'evergreen' issue from back before Lib-Dems even existed, like litter, graffiti or potholes etc., it could be a training project for new councillors and activists! Periodically it's had many 'new' solutions from Lollipop People to speed bumps often with a campaign linked to Stroud Green school. It's a main artery for east-west traffic, even more so since SGR became  a destination -  another set of pedestrian lights at the zebra crossing is needed to break up the run from Endymion to SGR, it works on Blackstock although the 19 and 4 buses are the best traffic calmers down there.<br><br><br>
  • I can't help but think that satellite navigation has a lot to answer for.<div>I struggle to see where most of the UTP/TP traffic is coming from or going to. I imagine most of it should be going around the park and on to Seven Sisters Road.</div><div><br></div><div>Not sure about the emissions argument, You don't need to be in a low gear to maintain a steady 20mph, In fact, as I understand the mechanics of it, doing 20mph in 4th or 5th gear actually produces less emissions than normal driving.</div>
  • @Yagamuffin ;  I think its UTP is the run from Green Lanes to Holloway Road without Seven Sisters FP.<br><br>Maintaining 20mph in 4th is really difficult - in a straight line uninterrupted by other traffic, corners or speedbumps it is just possible but not easy. Can't do it in 5th which is designed for use above 2-2500 rpm, say 50ish mph and over. Running at a low speeds in high gear makes an engine less efficient - basicaly cokes up the valves and causes more smoke. It is not beyond the wit of the automotive industry to produce engines that don't do this - in early 70's Honda had a prototype engine that ran on water - but the toxic mix of commercial and political imperatives are rarely aligned. Much easier to make motorists pay more for everything than penailise an industry for not designing more efficient products.  [ Smoking ban is one laudable exception thought the corporate lobby was motivated to avoid potential action from passive smokers ]<br><br>
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