Any ideas where I can donate unwanted fresh fruit?

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Hi, I have about 10 kg of fresh fruit left over from my wedding party last weekend. It will last a few more days but is far more than we can get through.  It looks like the food cycle project  at MIND Harringay doesnt seem to be running any more.. but I may be wrong. Local food banks only take non perishable items. I would welcome any suggestions about where to pass it on to. Thanks


  • <P>There is this bicycle fair in Finsbury Park this weekend</P> <P>Why don't you take them there?</P> <P>I am sure there are going to be loads of people for the fair!</P>
  • <P>Congratulations!</P> <P>If you don't find anywhere to donate it, I'll take it to work and do smoothies for all the staff.</P>
  • I can think of 3 possibilities: <div>1) Giving some to Holy Trinity Church on Granville Road (off Stapleton Hall Rd) - they hold a drop-in sharing lunch on Thursdays, 11am-1.30pm </div><div>2) Filling the Gap, a community cafe in N15: <a href=""></a>. </div><div>3) People's Kitchen are doing a PACT meal this Fri - see the calendar for more info.</div><div><br></div><div>Will post again if I think of anything else!</div>
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    Oh, it's this Friday? Thanks, Vetski. I was just about to suggest it. I'll be there, cooking, if they'll have me again. :-) PACT meal, that is.<br>
  • Depending on the fruit, you could rub it in your face (possibly body if feeling relaxed or have a close friend prepared to rub you). Things like banana and pineapples are great in oriental therapy for hives etc. mangos also but avoid tomatoes as they have more acid (and may stain your face..not a good look. ) Chang
  • Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. Hope the PACT meal went well. Sorry I couldnt make it down there. And thanks to @ miss annie for the congratulations. In the end my mum  insisted she took the extra fruit to make vast quantities of chutneys, but I am sorry I couldnt share it out more. 
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