Things you can only experience in SG

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What are your fun and curious experiences in SG?<br>


  • Good topic. I love the fact I can sit in my back garden and hear the crowd cheer at the Emirates. Plus we are in zone 2 and only a short bus trip or cycle ride from central London yet it feels like a village, maybe I am lucky in living on Moray Rd and the traffic is very light.
  • One of my 'only' experiences was in the winter, when I enjoyed a walk in the snow in Finsbury Park.<br><br>I also found that nothing tops the 20 min by bike to the city centre and still feeling like living in a village. <br>
  • Jacks, Jai Krishna, Cats, Parkland walk, great mix of classes, races, and people without it being put into a particular niche. 
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  • I meant the SG unique quirks. <br><br>Personally, I feel it's like a village, but I felt the same in Stokey. But it's only in certain areas you feel that way. <br>
  • I don't feel it's like a village, I do feel a sense of community though. That's probably because I like to join in with things, as with most things you get out of a place what you put in. I can't think of anything that's unique to SG other than the excellent mixture of people and oddbods, but this forum is certainly one of the many things I love about it.
  • Oh, yes. This forum is excellent. <br>
  • Absence of yummy-mummies, yowling toddlers and pneumatic buggies.
  • if you haven't spotted any howling toddlers in SGR you haven't been concentrating! I've hauled a few up and down it over the years.
  • Compared to Crouch End, SG is comparative bliss.
  • Vitor is a local hero. Chang
  • So, opposite the sex mad Front Room, is Audrey Alexander and her great urban garden. A brilliant sight in the urban landscape and a unique and talented gardener. Chang
  • 'Sex mad Front Room'??! Goodness, what have we all been missing?
  • Crikey.  I'm down there for Sunday breakfast.<br>
  • I missed that too. Agree about the wonderful garden though. Also the amazing nearby iced tree in the long hard winter of 2012/13 - the 'unique to SG' element probably the long note in plastic envelope giving context, reflections on educational and spiritual aspects of the phenomenon, and requests not to be pestered ... <div><br></div><div>What happened to the toaster stencil graffitti? This is going back some years, but I know there are people here who have been around even longer than me.</div>
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">Toasters - Not just an SG thing</font><div><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2"></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2"><br></font></div>
  • Yep, that garden is pretty. Never been to Front Room, despite living close to it. <br>The free gym classes in FP are also quite unique, although, strictly speaking, it's not SG, but Haringey. Nevertheless. Not done that either, but I think it's a great idea. <br><br>I had a feeling I'd like it here when I moved from Stokey to SG. Have lived and seen a few areas, but I must say that I like living here a lot. <br>
  • The sense of community in SG is great, and I don't even live in SG. I've been in London for about 13 years now, living in East Sheen, Hither Green, Lewisham, Greenwich, Totteridge and Harringay, and nowhere else I have felt any kind of community spirit. <br><br>I'm actually in the process of moving to Walthamstow now, and inspired by SG I've helped set up a knitting group, I'm planning on getting involved with Walthamstow Art Trail and I'm looking into volunteering opportunities in the area. <br>
  • There's a WI starting over there, may have included you in a twitter thing a few weeks ago. Let me know when the Art Trail stuff is starting, I fancy that. The Wood St market area is really interesting too.
  • @Idoru, do you know about the group who are looking at setting up a WI in Walthamstow? @walthamstowwi on Twitter
  • Walthamstow is nice
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    I like the William Morris Gallery.   It's a lovely cycle ride there on a Sunday, along Copper Mill Lane, then, through Walthamstow Village.    Nice pubs in the village now as well.
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  • The Gallery is great. Just make sure your first visit there doesn't coincide with an EDL march. Not my most relaxing weekend.
  • I've never been to Walthamstow, but I know that up to two years ago, nobody would recommend to live there. Weird. Maybe people were telling nonsense or it has been on the rise like Dalston, which wasn't really presentable four years ago.<br><br>I love the community spirit here, too. Perhaps something to do with this forum?<br>
  • time to confess.  Moved from SG to Walthamstow almost a year ago and love it.  Continue to lurk on this forum though in the hope that I won't be cast into the outer darkness.
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  • Walthamstow has an amazing Facebook group, the Walthamstow (Unofficial) Tourist Board, which mainly showcases dumped mattresses. Seems a great place to me!
  • A couple of my friends bought a lovely big Victorian house in Walthamstow about five years ago. It was just under half of the price of exactly the same design of house as one in SG. I like Walthamstow, and in fairness you could do a Stroud Green (unofficial) tourist board featuring Homeless Sally setting fire to things, the piles of litter in the park, the phone box outside Tesco where someone lives on and off and so on. In fact I might start that one...
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