School 4 Scandal

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Went to see this show at Parko and its a real laff. Jez has done another blinder, no wonder his lovely wife has a smile on her face. Cast of 12 keep the gags going and it's all a bit like life in with characters like Sir Benny Backbite, Lady Sneerwell, and Snake. Read the reviews after and they are unfair - ok so it's more Ant and Dec than RSC but if you want a good night out ( other than WI cake sucking) this is recommended and good value. Chang


  • Looking forward to seeing this tonight Chang, even more so now I've read your review.
  • Me and the misses went and saw this last night as well.  I'm not a regular theatre/play goer (I've been to one other in the past 5 years), but I thought this was really fun and light hearted.  Would highly recommend it.<div><br></div><div>First show at the Park Theatre, and I think they have done a great job.  The place looks very fancy, and I like there being something new and different to do locally as well.</div>
  • Very enjoyable show, though they could have done with spending more time practising the crucial scene with the screen, and less on the somewhat unnecessary musical interludes.
  • I don't know the play or how it's usually done. Never seen it before. I enjoyed it and the musical interludes seemed fine to me. But apparently it got a terrible review in the Grauniad. I think it's one of those plays that has a very traditionalist following.
  • Good review in the Times today. Wouldn't have thought it the Grauniad's cup of tea, really. 
  • The Guardian's review was lukewarm rather than bad.
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