Crime, safety and weirdos in stroud green

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Thinking of moving to the area and maybe starting a family. Having done a trawl of this site, which is awesome by the way, realise there are some brilliantly witty people around in SG. I was hoping one of you can tell me if it's a relatively safe place to live? My london city experience has been somewhat sheltered to date - even if I've been here 9years. Crime stats don't look brilliant but really just want to know if walking home at night from finsbury park is dodgy or not / many break ins etc. Ta


  • Weirdos: some of the witty people may also of course be a bit weird.<div><br></div><div>Crime etc: I've lived on the south side of SGR for over 15 years: never had any problems - no burglaries, no muggings, nothing. My daughter has grown up and walked around day and night and been fine, though I must say I've often been very twitchy on her account. Much of it is down to luck, really. I've heard of quite a few people who've had break-ins or muggings; and I know there's a semi-invisible drug economy in some very respectable looking streets. But I'd call it a pretty safe place. If I walk down my street late at night there are plenty of houses where I'd bang on the door in an emergency. </div><div><br></div><div>Interesting to see what the consensus is here, if there is one ...</div>
  • Well, I've never seen a shooting from my sitting room window (happened when I lived in Hackney), so that's an improvement! By & large yes, SG feels pretty safe. Where have you been finding crime stats for the area? If the stats are by postcode, N4 will include the Harringay Ladder, and it does seem to me (no expert) that there are more burglaries there than in SG. Patrolling police caught a burglar halfway through a Ladder window in broad daylight a couple of months ago!
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    I've only lived here for 1.5 years, but I'm feeling pretty safe at any time--night or day. Yes, I suppose there is crime, hidden or not so hidden (chopper making its rounds), but you probably get it everywhere. No area is spared.<br><br>Oh, and I'd happily report to be a weirdo.<br>
  • Vetski: that's terrible! <br>But yes, you hear more about shootings or knife incidents in Hackney. I sat in a pub after a shift while a kid died only a few yards away. We only learned about it when police and ambulance rushed to help. Very unfortunately, too late.<br>
  • Been in the area since 1986.   Broken into once (in 1988) and that was hardly surprising, the property was rather wonderfully located and not overlooked by any other houses - it happens.   I know of only one friend who has ever been mugged locally.   It was threatening and disturbing but not violent, and he got over it.   Yes, stuff happens, as it can do anywhere.   I consider this a very safe area.<br><br>Having said that there are a couple of places I don't care to venture late at night - the railway bridge from Quernmore Rd at Harringey Station for one.    Parkland Walk after dark (though I once walked in the pitch black from Highgate to FP).    The area at the bottom of Crouch Hill.  But I'm a bloke, keep aware of my surroundings and don't wear headphones.    <br>
  • Oh, and I think we are rather proud of our weirdos in this area.   See separate thread somewhere.<br>
  • Looking at streets between Stapleton hall rd and upper tollington park - is that what you mean by bottom of crouch hill? Or more just the shops around the main rd? And thanks everyone - been good to get some local feedback.
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    No I meant specifically a short stretch of the main road to Crouch End near Holly Park and Crouch Hill Station, where it's quite overgrown in summer, where there was a little spate of incidents very late at night a couple of years back. Come to think of it that might have been attempted sexual assaults. I guess they've either got the guy or he's moved on now. Male teenagers and lone girls walking around in the small hours are always vulnerable anywhere and I recall warning mine about it. They already knew. I brought two kids up in this area and they stayed out till all hours, but never had any trouble. I live in the area you refer to and it's been great, mixed community, good neighbours, no problems. It helps if you do your bit, kids, schools etc.
  • I don't really like going into the estate at the end of Moray Road, nor do I particularly enjoy Wray Crescent after dark. But the rest is grand. If there was a London wide weirdo competition I don't think the ones from Stroud Green would be in the top 10. There are some proper swivelled eyed drooling nutters out there. A sad indictment on modern society maybe, but playing spot the nutter whilst on the way to work is always fun. But I did live in a place where seeing a 7ft tall black transvestite walking down a street with a blow up sex doll was a normal everyday occurrence. My standards might be higher.
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    Detritus - Wray Crescent is a lot better now that they have improved the lighting I walk through it all the time at night. <div><br></div><div>However I have seen two large groups of kids have a running battle with bats, sticks & bricks on Wray Crescent street in the middle of the day. Also kids racing mopeds up & down but this has stopped after a kid hit a parked car and injured himself quite badly. </div><div><br></div><div>I personally have never had any problems in the 5+ years I have lived here, I was twice attempted mugging in Finchley where I grew up so really this can happen anywhere in London. </div><div><br></div><div>The one thing that I have noticed and has happened to my partner twice is phone snatching especially iPhones, once was some guy who pushed her over and the other time was a moped rode up onto the pavement and snatched it while she was on the phone, both times on Tollington Park at 8am & 8pm. </div><div>Also don't get your phone out as soon as you come out the tube station as I've heard of people being followed and phone taken. </div><div><br></div><div>I do agree just be aware of your surroundings, be confident and don't wear headphones. </div><div><br></div><div>I do love this area. </div>
  • <P>I lived in West Hampstead nearly 10 years ago, and my downstairs neighbour got sacked from his job (worked in same company as my then boyf), off his face, and then tried to break my door down when I was home alone. Somehow i'd forgotten about that one! So true that stuff happens all over the place - even in the supposedly safe neighbourhoods.</P> <P> </P>
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  • <P>Appreciate the lack of sugar coating here @Misscara ;- is definitely a bit worrying though! Where did it happen? </P>
  • Instead West Hampstead just estate agent speak for Kilburn? I don't mind walking anywhere that there are people. So I happily walk through the Andover Estate at night but not Parkland Walk. I have felt safe everywhere I've lived locally in the last 20 years. Currently living on Moray Rd, a few yards from the Andover, never a sound or a problem from there. I assume that any ruffians who might be hiding on the estate work a 'don't do it on your own doorstep' principle. I think that the streets in the south west of SG are nicest and quietest, the houses at the top of Charteris in particular. My road is quieter than most.
  • The phone snatch happens everywhere in London as well as everywhere else in the world. I know people who have had this happen in Chelsea (the nice bit), Putney, Hoxton - really everywhere. The key is don't muck about with your phone or iPad to the extent that you are unaware of what's going on around you. Outside any station in particular, everyone gets out of the tube, whips out their jazzphone and is an easy target.
  • <P>Sound advice. I guess just a question of being a bit streetwise.  </P> <P>p.s. not kilburn but west hampstead proper. </P>
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  • Holloway's not rough... It has a Waitrose.
  • <P>Always felt pretty safe around here. I did grow up in the area though. </P> <P> </P> <P>Muswell Hill or North Finchley however, I always feel a bit on edge late at night due the the drunk youngsters at Weekends. Something I've never really witnessed happen around here </P>
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    R&J I agree. <div><br></div><div>Having grown up in Finchley there are lots of young drunks around (North Finchley used have the most pubs in a 300 metre radius then anywhere else) <span style="font-size: 10pt;">which you don't see in Stroud Green. </span><div><br><div><div>Also because North Finchley & Muswell Hill aren't considered rough people from other areas come over to rob people as it is easier with less police and they won't get started on. </div></div></div></div>
  • I feel entirely safe here (confident single female). I don't find that I'm ever that far from people, even late at night - better than the 'nice' parts of Acton and Hammersmith which can be eerily deserted. 
  • Very safe. Crime is way lower than it was 20, 40, or 100 years ago btw.
  • I used to live (for three weeks) in Edmonton Green. Now that's an area you don't want to hang dead over the fence. I remember one guy in a car stopping (in the middle of the night); I thought he wanted to ask the way. Turned out he thought I was a hooker. Haha. That may or may not have had to do with the extremely short skirt and high heels I wore. I told him where he can go and marched off. <br><br>Not too long ago, I went (by accident) through some unlit streets (in the middle of the night) not far away from Leyton, towards Lea Bridge. Interesting is the least I can say. I think I surprised some people who hung out there in groups, cycling (and singing) past them. Wouldn't want to live there either. <br>
  • 'you don't want to hang dead over a fence'?? That is a truly superb expression, and I shall be looking for an opportunity to use it as soon as possible!<div><br></div><div>The shooting in Hackney wasn't at all nice (understatement), but the most extraordinary thing is that it was over a £50 debt. For which 1 man died and another got 15 years. I still don't understand that. </div><div><br></div><div>But I love SG. Sometimes when I'm coming up Blackstock Road late at night, I think I would feel a bit intimidated if I was on foot and navigating the groups of men hanging around outside the cafes, but I've never heard of any actual trouble there.</div>
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  • Blackstock road is ace. Edmonton is not. Only place where I've felt rattled mid-afternoon.
  • It's pretty rattling at 11am too!
  • I'm quite fearless, but I didn't like cycling along Orient Way at night. That's a mighty long stretch of loneliness, and my accidentally racing past it is the reason for my cycling through the dark lit streets to Lea Bridge.<br>But that's a little off-topic.<br><br>Vetski: that expression is translated, word for word from German. :-) I thought it quite fitting as they use it to describe an area that is really dire.<br>
  • Tot ueber den Zaun haengen? Never heard that!
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