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  • Yeah Lidl is great for some things. Their baguettes are better than other supermarkets I'd say. Decent for real ale too, Misscara!
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  • To be fair alot of the corner shops are decent for real ale. Banana Bread beer is 1.99 in Budget Supermarket! WLM is cheaper than my local 'Spoons in Hull too.
  • I love Lidl and can't go past their croissants. The rolls are great, too. <br>
  • I remember from my youth that they had some really good quality chocolate from the continent...still true?
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  • I love their chocolate-coated marshmallows. Perfect if squeezed into a roll or just on their own. Gorgeous! And the Zinfandel rose is delicious as well as their Sunflower seed bread with the canned fish in tomato pepper sauce. And I can get those delicious cornichons and other stuff. <br>I'm not particularly German, but there are some German things I love and I can only get them in Lidl or the muchly overprices German deli.<br>
  • By the way: for other great selection on cheese or to have with your sandwich, try the Polish shops. I go there regularly to get bread and stuff to put on my open sandwiches. <br>
  • Stella what German food do you recommend from Lidl?
  • Chocolate-coated marshmallows in a roll??? A puzzling thought!<div><br></div>
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    Peter it's several things: <br>the sunflower seed bread<br>the meat salads<br>the smoked Bavarian ham<br>the Bratwurst (the short ones from Dulano)<br>the cornichons<br>like Misscara said, the Black Forest Ham (I eat it on said sunflower seed bread with said cornichons, which are the small gherkins.<br>the tinned fish in various sauces<br>the marshmellows (Vetski: it's something I often ate as a kid. Try it: it's tasty.)<br>the bockwurst (hotdogs, the slim ones in a glass, not the ones in a bag)<br>the salami (turkey and pork beech smoked)<br>the beetroot (I know they're also available everywhere else, but they don't taste the same, also applies to the gherkins)<br>they have Spaetzle every now and again (special kind of pasta and great with Goulash)<br><br>I need to think what else ... One thing they don't have, but I wish they had is Quark, but I can get that from Morrisons. I'm sure they have more of the stuff I love, but I can't think of anything more right now. :-)<br><br><br><br>
  • German fleischsalat is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  • You can get quark from the Haelen Centre in Crouch End.
  • It's the only place I know where I can get Apfelkorn (appley booze, for those who haven't yet discovered it). Falling-over good. I've actually never been to the one here, I tend to nip into the one in Tottenham when I'm round that way. Went to the Camden one quite recently, and didn't like it at all. 
  • I sometimes pop into the one in Wood Green as they have the Eukalyptus sweets.<br>
  • <div><br></div><div>I love the Stollen from ever!!</div>
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