Be... Beautiful? Be a woman.

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After much encouragement from my partner, I decided to do break the last barrier in beauty care and go in search of a male manicure. Nothing effete, just a trim and a buff. I walked, somewhat nervously, into Be... Beautiful just up from Vagabond, as asked about how long a manicure would take, only to be informed that they only serve women. Not much more to be said, really. So I'm taking my money to the place run by the Chinese family a bit further up the street. There, no one batted an eyelid.


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    Try Beyond Glam next to CATS. If you can stand the smell of fried chicken it is excellent for various bloke trims and buffs and they do vouchers. It is funny to go, beyond, glam cos I never was that Glam. But the bs&c is meant to be awesome (specially as the pad Thai gets dished up next door). Joe does some "treatments' personally which is appreciated in the hood. tho. I miss King's bakery tho. Chang
  • They are idiots! About ten per cent of my sister's manicure and facial customers are chaps. I'm no fan of the metrosexual look but good grooming is to be encouraged. Try Laura's opposite the Dairy. Chang, I know a couple of chaps who regularly have a back, sack & crack wax. They say it doesn't hurt a bit, give it a try and report back for us.
  • Well being part Chinese I am already on the smooth side (as you know from the photos). My pain threshold prob won't allow the real deal and Jonty ain't keen so maybe Krapy can be next volunteer ? Good thought. Jenny's used to do this and there was always shouts as the wax was removed. Put me off a bit while waiting for my mum. Chang
  • I love Laura's Nails. They are so nice in there.
  • Agree with Miss Annie.  When I was more sexual active I made sure my privates were hair-free, which most of my girlfriends said they appreciated.  I've always attracted women who didn't like hairy men. Horses for courses. <div><br></div><div>Pete Burns could be Stroud Green's 'open-minded' male-grooming Tsar.  Meeting at Mega-cafe.  Back sack and crack is optional.</div><div><br></div>
  • Soap water nail clippers and a match box to file down after cutting. What more does a man want?
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  • Who is Pete Burns? Chang
  • Mr Burns illegitimate son sired with Marges sister Patty.
  • It's been 2 days now and still can't get the image out of my mind alas.
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