American section in Tesco!

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Just noticed Tesco Stroud Green has an American section selling all kinds of stuff from A1 steak sauce to Aunt Jemima's syrup...very pleased to see this, not that I am American but l love the stuff...can't see many round here buying it though :(


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  • Spent two long summers in the US and cannot say I'll be rushing to buy their food! Most of their bread, cheese, sweets, chocolate, condiments is lowest common denominator, tasteless rubbish. Steak Sauce is a poor mans brown sauce.
  • There are plenty of Americans living locally. There is some American food I absolutely love, going to have look. Also coincides with 'a little bit of Brooklyn' Hettie Holland.
  • The Americans have a much wider selection of Skittles than us, but otherwise most of what impressed me about the food there was in the cooking or just the portion-size, rather than anything I might buy for home consumption.
  • Did they happen to have Kraft Russian Dressing? Asking for a friend...
  • They make lovely cheese in Wisconsin and the sweets and chocolate from Ghiradelli in San Francisco are as good as good chocolate here. Cadburys is horrible everywhere. The steak and bacon (in my experience) is much better and there's a batter mix I bought there that I've never found anywhere else. I would like to eat an American breakfast every day.
  • And oh, the Mexican food over there... yum.
  • Things I can buy here (usually from specialist shops) (<div>   tins of tomatillos (doubt Tesco will have these)</div><div>   tins of Anaheim chiles (or these) </div><div>   Cholula hot sauce, original and garlic (thank you Waitrose for carrying these at Holloway)</div><div>   Inka Corn snacks</div><div><br></div><div>Things I still have to buy in the US:</div><div>   the jalapeno and cholula flavours of beef jerky; large packets of original flavour beef jerky</div><div>   mini bran muffins (not sweet!) </div><div>   hundreds & thousands and other cake decorations in bright colours (UK ones too pastel)</div><div>   Big Red cinnamon gum (for a friend)</div><div>   at Easter: marshmallow chicks, candy corn and Reece's Pieces packed into a "carrot" shape </div><div>   Tide to Go stain remover</div><div>   Noxema aloe vera shaving foam</div><div>   Crystal Lite instant drink packets (lemonade, pink lemonade, peach iced tea and other flavours)</div><div>   all the other available colours of Sharpie pens that haven't come over here yet</div><div>   Ziplock bags - all the sizes and types....</div>
  • @wisteria53 The selection's a bit limited, but have you had any luck with Panzers?
  • Hmmm.  Might have to pop over to St John's Wood for a browse.  Must be because the American School is near there.
  • We shopped there a lot in the 80s & early 90s when it was the only place in London (that we knew of) which sold American foods. I've not been there since then, though. The prices seem a bit silly, but if that's the cost of having stuff shipped in... Have you tried the online chile shop or any of the Mexican grocery stores for your chiles etc? I'm withering away without decent Mexican food over here!
  • Lupe Pintos <a href=""></a> has quite a large selection and have been my salvation for years.  The shipping cost can be high unless you are ordering quite a lot. <div><br><div>There's probably more Mexican grocery shops in London now, but haven't searched them out as when I came to live here in the 80s I was not impressed with what they carried. Before I found Lupe Pintos I had to load multiple tins of tomatillos, Anaheims and the 100 packs of corn tortillas into my luggage every trip back.  </div></div>
  • Oh wow, I didn't know of Lupe Pintos - thanks for that! Remember the excitement of hunting down every Mexican restaurant which opened? There's still not a whole lot in the way of Mexican groceries available over here, and they mostly only offer tinned or dried goods. If only we had something like Cárdenas over here: Most of my family lives in Guatemala now, and that's only good for the occasional chile and lots and lots of black pepper. And gorgeous handmade corn tortillas, mmm.
  • @wisteria53 I think Rymans stock the entire colour range for Sharpies now. Cass Art do them too. Selfridges do Candy Corn, in a big way at Hallowe'en, but a small selection all year round. They have a big selection of food from the U.S. in the Food Hall, you might find some of the things on your list there.
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  • Can't believe they'd pay to ship it all here!
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    They had an Irish section last week.  Tayto crisps, chef sauce...<div><br></div><div>I have to say Tesco Stroud Green is getting better.  Less waiting in queues, more variety, better quality.<br><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div></div>
  • @gardener-joe - if it isn't I bet they wish they'd thought of it ... Pitch it to them and find something virtuous to do with the vast profits.
  • Did they have red lemonade in the Irish section? I never browse Tesco, just try to get in and out as quickly as possible, so don't notice when they have new stuff.
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    They had red lemonade but I think the section has gone.<div><br></div><div>I'd forgotten about that substance.  </div>
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  • @wisteria. - we recently got fresh tomatillos in our box from Riverford plus a recipe for salsa verde. New to me and it was stunning!
  • There are disclaimers on all of the products saying something like: "May have adverse effects on children"<br><br>Them EU regulations.<br>
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