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GPs - Haringey side

edited September 2013 in Local discussion
I know this is a recurring topic on here, but I was wondering if anyone has recent feedback & recommendations on GPs in the Haringey part of SG? I'm registered at the SG Medical Centre, and I've just noticed that Dr da Souza has left them - she was the only good doctor there. I've found the other doctors there to be useless, so I'd rather transfer to another practice with better doctors than deal with the doctors who are still there.


  • Depending exactly where you are, you may be within te catchment area of Queenswood Medical Practice at the Hornsey Central Health Centre (on Park Road in Crouch End) - their coverage area is quite big and includes quite a bit of SG.<br><br>It is the practice I used when I lived in SG.  Means taking a W7 to get to the doctor, but is a modern large polyclinic with lots of doctors,  on-site pharmacy, blood tests every day, etc.<br><br>roy<br>
  • The Health Centre on Hanley Rd is good tho the reception girls are hard core. The nurse Florence (I think) is fantastic and very kind when taking blood. Chang
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