Book group 22nd May: Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

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The next book group choice is the incredibly slim volume (99 pages!) <i>Ethan Frome</i> by Edith Wharton.<br><br>It says on the back "The classic novel of despair, forbidden emotions and sexual undercurrents set against the austere New England countryside".<br><br>It's free on Kindle apparently, and available on audiobook, and in one of those dead cheap <a href="">Wordsworth classics</a> editions.<br><br>We will meet at <b>The Noble at 8pm</b>.<br><br>We have had lots of new faces over the past few months, anyone and everyone always welcome!<br>


  • We're always looking for more despair in our book group choices aren't we... well here's the classic novel of it.<br>A quote from a contemporary reviewer: "the suffering endured by Wharton's characters is excessive and unjustified".<br><br>I can't wait!<br>
  • Excellent! Looking forward to it!
  • When do you meet?
  • Hi Bernie<br><br>Glad you found the group! We meet at 8pm. We'll have the book out so just look out for that. <br><br>Anne<br>
  • Dear All,<br><br>Although at the last meeting I send I was available on the 22nd I am now unable to meet it. Sorry folks.<br><br>I have however, read the book. For most of the novel I was hating it - this is probably because it was well written and put the reader in the depressing and hopeless shoes of Ethan. However, the climatic scene made it all worthwhile and momentarily I experienced the relief of Ethan. I enjoyed having my opinion changed right at the end.<br><br>Have a great book club and please post the date of the next meeting when you can.<br><br>Richard<br>
  • Hi All. Really sorry but I can't make it tonight. Look forward to next month.
  • Again I have read the book and once more I have to stay at home with voice strain. Bah... Really hope I can make it to the next one. Enjoyed the book!
  • I'll be there! I don't have the book with me but hopefully someone will.. otherwise if you are new, just look for a tired girl in a grey dress.
  • I was all set to come but can't make it unfortunately as I need to look after the little one. Sorry to miss it again! I love this book! Have a good evening. Could we meet on a Wednesday next time if that works for others?
  • I thought I was going to be on my own :( but then a new person came :)<br><br>Hope to see you all back next month!<br>
  • Glad you weren't on your own! Sorry for dropping out at the last minute!
  • Oh Sophie, so sorry! ARGH I completely forgot. Also I hadn' t read the book. But I should have said. Really sorry.
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