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Hiya, I am on the lookout for a good builder who can undertake an extension into the rear of my garden flat. Needs extending about 4 metres into the garden. Working space is ample, but access is restricted - and will need everything to go though the flat itself. I was wondering if anyone knew of Phillippa and her team still working? THANKS ALL. C Marks


  • I used Philppa a few months ago to replace a pair of sash windows and also last year to re-tank the basement. She's great - reliable, well priced and did a great job. 
  • Hi @ScarletPimpernel - I'm currently undertaking a very similar project to your by the sounds of things and am having a bit of trouble trying to find a reliable builder. Can I ask if you ended up using Phillippa and her team? She seems to have only good things said about her on this thread? If so could you share her details? Thank you!
  • Hi Tom, I haven't commissioned her. Still going through the drawings stage and have an excellent young architect in board. Did you find a good team?
  • Hi Scarlet, thanks for the reply. Well all my drawings and pp are sorted, just trying to find the right builder :) looking at Nugent brothers. Are you considering them? Good luck with your project
  • Alfie.Alfie. Finsbury Park
    Hi Scarlet, Tom, I'm also looking for a good builder / architect who can undertake an extension to the kitchen of my flat. Did you use Phillipa in the end and would you recommend her? Equally Tom, it would be great to hear how you got on with Nugent Brothers if you used them in the end. Grateful for the details of any builders / architects that you would recommend.
  • Nugent Brothers did some good work for us. We dealt with Eamon - nice guy, plays the bagpipes
  • We used Murphlin Ltd recently for a side and kitchen extension. They did a really good job, are local and hardworking. I'd recommend David and his team.
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  • Anyone know anyone that can tarmac a drive? Bagpipes not necessary.
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