Any experience of Little Tree Montessori on Ferme Park Road or the new Bright Horizons nursery?

We are looking for a nursery for the first time, to send our 2 year old daughter to a couple of mornings a week. We have looked at Bright Horizons (the new nursery on Crouch Hill) and the Little Tree Montessori (on Ferme Park Road). They are so different to each other that we are torn between them but wondering if, being smaller, Little Tree might trump all the bells and whistles at Bright Horizons. We'd be interested in the views of anyone who has experience of either nursery, especially Little Tree (as it's been around much longer). Thank you!<br>


  • No experience of either. But, the Hornsey Rise Montessori, in St Mary's church hall on Ashley Road is great...
  • Vulgar question, but how much does St Mary's cost?
  • Has it on the website, £3,400 per term.
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    So about 10 grand a year. Not quite as awful as I might have thought.
  • A friend had both her kids at Little Tree and they loved it. Have no experience of Bright Horizons, but I enquired about their fees before they opened and the cost is (even more) extortionate (than most). Our son goes to the Finsbury Park Asquith and loves it there. Staff turnover is higher than we'd like and admin isn't always the most efficient but everyone's really friendly, and even though it's a big nursery they're split over 5 different rooms so it doesn't feel that big. Lovely garden, too. Bloody expensive though - but not as bad as Bright Horizons.
  • Thanks, that's really helpful. We have had a 2nd visit to both nurseries and we're going to go for Little Tree. It's the closest to where we live and half the price of Bright Horizons (albeit for shorter hours and fewer weeks/year). I've no idea whether the montessori method will be beneficial, but time will tell!
  • Just want to say that my little girl went to Little Tree and started school this September. It broke our heart she had to leave because they had been so good with her there. You have made the right decision without doubt.
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