New Coffee House on Crouch Hill

Hi all,<div><br></div><div>Just spotted a new coffee house opening next to Max's Sandwiches called Rodrigo's Cafe.</div>


  • Excellent, about time one opened up on that strip! Hopefully it's a pleasant place and a step up from the dreary dream river
  • What's it called and where is it, near Max's?
  • Based on Maximus' post it's "called Rodrigo's Cafe" and it's "next to Max's".
  • I am happy to become a second verifiable source, last time I went past it was called Rodgrigo's and was next to Max's<div>It also had a booze licence application in the window.</div>
  • Opening Sunday according to the nice man who was at the door receiving cafe supplies today.
  • I had a quick peek inside whilst I was walking by and it looked like it had a really nice atmosphere and layout inside. Looking forward to the Sunday opening!
  • Opened today. Great (free, today!) coffee and a cracking pão de queijo. The small bites food menu looks interesting and he has plans to open later in the evening for full blown tapas once he gets his booze licence. I think it'll do well. Crouch Hill is on the up.
  • Housemate had a sandwich in there earlier and said he enjoyed it.
  • Good coffee, inside done up really nicely and they seem a very friendly team. Good luck to them!
  • good coffee, nice cakes (try the Aroz/rice cake) sandwiches look good too- even if Max still wins on adventure. hopefully the crouch hill commuters will keep it going.
  • I had an excellent breakfast there this morning. Splendid smoothy too. It's a great addition and I wish them well. I'm looking forward to visiting in the afternoon and trying the tapas and cocktails.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    popped in for lunch today - great selection of fresh hot & cold foods, good coffee & reasonably priced.

    the owner is friendly - i do feel sorry for him positioned next to max's which is consistently busy.
  • I had coffee and cake in here with my daughter a while back. Your post reminded me I meant to come on here and say that I liked it. Was very nice and the food looked good. Totally different proposition to Max's and a good place for a cheap bit or a coffee.
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