I would like to know where is the dentist that some of you mentioned in Stroud Green Road that replace Dr. Shan, I really need a good dentist, specially that I am terrified of them. :(  I have been in 105 Stroud Green and I have had a very bad experience.  Please help!


  • <span style="font-style: normal;">105 Stroud Green Rd </span><span style="font-style: italic;">is</span> the former Dr Shah practice, I'm afraid. How recent was your bad experience? I think some people had bad experiences with his immediate replacement, but the practice was taken over again a few years ago. I have no complaints about the dentist working there now, I think she's called Dr Khan.
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    On the recommendation of this site I went to this practise and was shafted.  I hadn't been to the dentist for years and decided to go as I was in between jobs (unemployed in 2012 for a few months) and thought I might as well benefit from free NHS treatment..  Nothing was wrong with my teeth. She said a clean would be good.  I agreed thinking I'd get an NHS one. She said your teeth need a deep clean  She asked me first if I smoked? I said NO.  Do I drink a lot of coffee? NO.  She said you really need a deep one.  It will be £35.  As I had savings and hadn't any other work I trusted her.  She proceeded to do the clean which was a normal NHS one. I've had them before. I should have reported her.  Avoid her.  
  • Sadly the dentist I attended before is no longer in the practice.  That was on the corner of Hanley and Hornsey road.  A lovely Nigerian woman dentist.  I only mention the details for description.
  • we use the hanley road one, quite like the dentists, but have never had much done 
  • <p>I had a  load of issues with Hanley Road a few years ago which after much discusion  I got resolved by quoting Contract law at them.  At that time they would try to get you onto Private by saying the materials  are of a higher standard and there  are no NHS apointment  slots for several weeks etc.</p><p> </p><p>I use Pickerings on Upper Street who have been really good</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p> </p>;
  • I use Torrance Dental on 7 Sisters Road. It's a big practice - 15 or so dentists - but very busy. I made an appointment yesterday to see my guy for a check-up & clean, & the first appt I could get was 22nd Oct. But they do keep slots open for emergency treatment, & they are good with nervous patients (e.g. me), people who don't respond well to dental anaesthetics (e.g. me) & people who sometimes cry when the nasty baritone drill is used (e.g. me). They are accepting NHS patients, but also do private treatment on top/if preferred (e.g. white crowns).
  • On vetski's recommendation I registered with Torrance a year ago. Happy with the service and my toddlers have a lovely dentist! Yes it's busy and you cannot make an appt at the drop of a hat but if you are happy to wait they are good and local.
  • ...and they are open on Saturdays and Sundays!
  • A few years ago I as very dissapointed with that Hanley road dentist charged me over £100 for a checkup and clean when I asked for an NHS checkup. They took pictures of my teeth which seemed to show a cavity and asked if I wanted it sorted. I said no and other dentists have never found anything since. Can't remember the exact details now but I went straight back to the Stroud Green dentist.<br>
  • @ Squids.  It's been over ten years since I was at the Hanley road dentist and back then the first £50 quid  you had to pay if you were working and wanted NHS treatment.  Anything over that was on a sliding scale relative to your earnings.  You had to fill out a form declaring them with your NI number included.  Maybe it's £100 now.  
  • OK. I can put it off no longer. What are the latest dentist recommendations, people?
  • Torrance on Seven Sisters road (sort of opposite Finsbury Park Cycles but a bit further down) is very good and open at weekends
  • I use Torrance too. Open 9.30-6 7 days a week. It's very popular, so getting a short-notice appointment is pretty much impossible, but they have emergency appts if one is in pain. They are taking NHS patients, & also have an on-site hygienist (though I think one pays privately for that).
  • Another Torrance recommendation, been to see Dennis this morning, very good..
  • Dennis is my chap too!
  • Thanks guys. What do they charge, and does it include a hygienist/scale and polish? I just had an NHS exam for £20, including a check-up and e-ray, but no scale and polish - they wanted to charge me an extra £70 for that.
  • Last check-up appointment I had was in March or April, & scale & polish was included. I think it was around £20 total - whatever the Band 1 charge is, anyway.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Any other recommendations on Dentists? Is everyone still recommending Torrance or any other suggestions?
  • How are the other dentists at Torrance or is Dennis the best?
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    if you don't mind a quick jaunt to archway, i thoroughly recommend - dr kapadia is a fantastic and honest dentist. unfortunately i've had significant dental work over the last few years - including crowns & root canals - and i have only had positive experiences.
    their website is still under construction but there are some helpful reviews on nhs direct
  • Many thanks, @-noodles-, I'll check them out!
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Mind if I add a question? I went to a place in America where the hygienist used a kind of water jet to clean my teeth of plaque, rather than the scraping tools. The scraping tools really do me over the edge with that noise! Does anyone know a dentist around here that has a water jet thing?
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    you can buy them online for home use - my brother swears by his!
  • @_Bee, My chap at Torrance uses the water jet thingy. I loathe its high pitch!
  • I was looking for a good dentist and got to know about dentist Redondo Beach at So visited to him for my root canal. He really did a good job by doing root canal painless surgery. Very happy with his service and it is not too expensive.
  • Ah yes I often get a transatlantic flight to go to the dentist.
  • Transatlantic shenanigans aside, I've been going to Dr Khan on SGR for a couple of years, and she's always seemed very professional, but so far I haven't needed anything other than a clean.
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