Chinese take away!

On a lighter note, I was curious what Chinese people go to? I used to like Wing Wah (especially the spring rolls) and MSG-tastic Old Friend. I've got issues with the one on Crouch Hill so have been going to the excellent Holy on Holloway Road and also to see Harry on the Elthorne for chips and curry sauce! Can't stand the ones down near the station.


  • Xi'an impression near the Emirates is great if you can get deliveroo to take it to your house. Beware though, it's regional so not exactly standard takeaway fare (I.e. Some of the chicken dishes have a lot of chicken fat / bones etc.) Anyone would like the biangbiang hand pulled noodles with beef though - which are effing amazing! Even if they don't deliver to you, well worth going to as a restaurant anyway (quite small however so you have to book!) Other than that, I'd personally rather go for some of the vietnamese places. They don't just do pho - they do noodles / spring rolls / stir fries etc, which should satisfy the umami cravings. OA Com Tam is great :o)
  • Xi'an Impression is outstanding - wholeheartedly recommended.  I would also suggest the confusingly named Round Square, which is on Seven Sisters Road by the Hornsey Road junction.  Fairly standard menu but the cooking was a league above what you normally get.  Last time I went (for a takeaway), most of the restaurant was closed off for a Chinese banquet.  We arrived just in time for the karaoke.  So that may be the answer to your question.<div><br></div><div>I have likewise had a pretty filthy offering from one of the takeouts nearer FP.  Can't remember which one.</div>
  • Round square on seven sisters is amazing food. A work colleague who's dad is in the Chinese restaurant trade recommended it to me. Not open on Tuesdays salt and pepper spare ribs. Emmmmmmm
  • <p>Ah yes, Round Square - next to that Greek place which I'm pretty sure is a front for something dodgy....</p>
  • I always thought round square was a buffet type place, just by the look of it, the name reminds me of squared circle (boxing ring) Will check that Xi'an out, I wondered if it was the owners of the old chinese cafe just had a re-brand. If you like regional food check out London Chinatown restaurant (in Chinatown) and Chilli Cool in Kings Cross. ..
  • Will try Xi'an Impression. We used to go to Silkmaker in Crouch End but it's gone downhill. <div>My best I've found locally is Hua Xin on Blackstock Road, which is good. </div>
  • There was an excellent review of Xi'an Impression in The Guardian.  Worth reading if you want an idea about the style of food there.
  • We use Massawa on Just Eat, it's up on Archway Road halfway between the bridge and Highgate Station.<div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>The order was tagged with Best Chinese, which I think is their Caledonian Road branch.</div>
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    Rarely get Chinese takeaway so consulted the forum here for a recommendation. We like old school stuff so got pancake rolls, crispy duck, chow mein, Singapore noodles etc. from Round Square. All excellent and the salt & pepper squid was a total winner. Very happy.
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