Laptop help recommendations

Hello all, I am in need of some laptop help - I think mine needs a good overhaul plus help with storage/backup and linking up my phone. Can anyone recommend a shop or person that could assist? I've found some places online but it would be great to know if anyone has used someone good recently.


  • Ah thanks, I had searched laptop and computer but not PC. Great.
  • Yes, Marek from ITBox is good.
  • Excellent, am now in touch with him.
  • I second the good reviews. A really great guy, available within one day, and just restored a computer that was completely and utterly unusable (Windows 10). Now it's better than before, and the charge was absolutely reasonable.
  • I’m trying to repair a HP Pavilion which for some reason has just stopped working. The computer shop in Wells terrace just sold me a new power cable for £30 because they claimed the old one was faulty, but it still won’t power up so that isn’t the problem - I’m trying to get hold of ITBox for another opinion. Meanwhile, does anyone locally have a similar HP Pavilion machine with a power cable of the right type I could borrow for five minutes, so I can check what’s going on? I don’t really trust the shop by the station, it has bad online reviews.
  • Hi Krappy, I have several HP power adapters, you're more than welcome to try them out. There are differing specs for the different machines. Do you know the power output required (volts and ampage - this will be printed on your original adapter)? Also, what size is the plug that goes into the laptop - is it as wide as a pencil, hollow with a single pin inside or is it much narrower with just a void to the centre? Don't fret about this; I have an adapter to switch between the two if necessary. Hope this helps!
  • Hi Poxy Thanks - actually just managed to locate the problem, but what a run-around. It turns out it's the laptop at fault (an internal failure) and not the external power supply, though this was what I was told to begin with. I’ve had the power lead tested again and it works. Thanks anyway! It took some working out - I eventually got the help I needed over the phone from Marek at ITBox and from Fasttech in Green lanes (corner of Mattison Road) and I can thoroughly recommend them both. I’m afraid I CAN'T recommend the computer guy at the shop in Wells Terrace who assured me it was the power lead at fault and sent me on a wild goose chase (and tried to flog me a replacement). I did get my £30 back from him though.
  • Cool. Is it now fixed? There's a place in SE London which specialises in fixing HP laptops. They fixed mine when the fan stopped working and the heat inside got high enough to melt the solder holding the processor on to the motherboard!
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