Stimpy is missing!

Our five year old small timid female Bengal cat has been missing for three days now, she has done this once before about three years ago and I think she was shut in someones shed/garage. we are on the horsey rd side of Tollington Park, would be very grateful if people could check outbuildings, thank you, 07956 382 530 [IMG][/IMG]


  • sorry I cant get the pic to post, using photobucket if any one has any ideas be v grateful , has worked before
  • There was a little Bengal without collar trotting about on Moray Rd a couple of days ago but not seen since.
  • There was a cat who looked very much like this one hiding under the scaffolding at Charter Court (beside Vagabond) yesterday afternoon. Some of the workmen were feeding it scraps so it might be worth asking them about it or checking with the cafe staff. I noticed it because it looked very shy and not like a habitual stray, definitely had no collar.
  • She turned up late last night/early morning then went to bed for 12 hours, who knows what she has been up to...many thanks all
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