Book Group 2nd Nov, 8pm, The White Lion: Giving Up the Ghost: A Memoir by Hilary Mantel

edited October 2016 in StroudGreen Book Club
The next Stroud Green Book Group book will be **Giving up the Ghost: A Memoir by Hilary Mantel**. We will meet in **[The White Lion](,-0.112737,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x319956b825802a1c?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjrkL-_-sbPAhWlDsAKHX9FDP4Q_BIIdTAK "The White Lion")** (@TheWhiteLionN4) at **8pm on Wednesday 2nd November**. Ask at the bar for the Book Group table, or look for us at the back with copies of the book in front of us. The book is a five part memoir, mostly focused on her childhood but also on some very personal events from her teenage and adult years. I think some of the blurbs make it sound a bit misery-memoir-ish, but apparently this is somewhat misleading. I thought it was a relatively new book but in fact it came out in 2003, before she became as acclaimed as she is currently, but after already having written eight novels. You can read an article she wrote about the book, essentially an extract to get a feel for it, on the [London Review of Books]( "London Review of Books") website. New people are always welcome, indeed we have had three new people come along in as many months! If you have any questions you can send me a message on here.


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