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A holiday celebration in readings and music

edited November 2016 in Local discussion
'Wish You Were Here' is a celebration, in words and music, of 2,000 years of holidaymaking, from the riotous assemblies of Ancient Rome to the Grand Tour; Saturnalia to Christmas; traditional May Day celebrations to Blackpool’s glory days and trips to Las Vegas, Varanasi and beyond. The performance mixes live music with jokes, reminiscences and anecdotes about characters as various as Max Miller and Virginia Woolf along with readings from Chaucer, Juvenal, Jerome K Jerome, incensed puritans and many others. The readers are Kate Walsh (from Radio 4) and Daniel Dresner; Sally Davies and Martina Schwarz (aka Bow and Bellows) play a mix of folk, klezmer, chanson and seaside songs. 'Wish You Were Here' is at Hornsey Town Hall at 8pm on November 25. Tickets cost £10. Further details on:
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