Vegetarian/Vegan/Organic Stroud Green

Hiya - any recommendations for vegetarian/vegan/organic shopping and occasional meal out/delivery/take away around Stroud Green please? Thanks a lot


  • Jai Krishna is a great South Indian vegetarian restaurant on Stroud Green road. Canteen style but the variety is amazing. Whenever I go there with friends we get a few different main dishes and rice and bread and share. It's bring your own booze so if you have one or two the corkage is only about 30 p or so for a can/bottle. Usually end up paying £9 each and rounding it to £10 for a tip. Great variety of dishes. They do takeaway, too. There's an organic health food store a few doors down from the Mind shop on the corner of Stroud Green road and Stapleton Hall road. It's pricey but there are things there I can't get in tesco. Usually just get the odd thing every week or so. Petek, a Turkish restaurant on SGR near the junction of Tollington Park is very veg friendly. I don't eat out much so that's the extent of my knowledge.
  • Thanks @kreuzkav for that. I do not eat much out either but it is good to know just in case. Is there a Sainsbury anywhere near by? They have introduced some fake cheese called Gary but I do not have one locally to where I live now so wondered if there is one around Stroud Green? Or is it just a small one? Small ones tend not to stock too many "unusual" things :)
  • Check out loving hut on Holloway Road.

    I would end up forgetting the name of that cheese and probably end up asking for some fake cheese known as Dave.
  • The large Sainsburys on Green Lanes might do it. There's quite a lot of fake cheese in Londis as well on Ferme Park Road. The organic grocers mentioned above, near Mind is quite vegan friendly. They have vegan chocolate, muffins and probably cheese. The green grocers further down near Davies and Davies is my favourite. They do lots of seasonal vegetables. They have ceps and salsify at present and they do most grains, oils and nuts and cruelty free toiletries. I tend to go to green lanes to stock up on nuts and those tins of beans with herbs. Lidl is also quite good for nuts. A while ago I noticed Hettie Holland were doing cruelty free cosmetics and had some Stella McCartney nail varnish. The Jai Krishna is great. Most pubs I go to locally do a decent vegetable burger, including the Shaftesbury, the Queens and the Boogaloo.
  • Thanks @dorothy - that is great info
  • The big Sainsbury's on Green Lanes does stock Gary - I haven't looked for it in the smaller ones.
  • That is across the park right? Thanks @vetski
  • If you are schlepping over to that bloody Sainsbury's, why don't you pop over the ridge to the Haelan centre in Crouch End; they must have all manner of vegan treats.
  • Good place to get muesli ingredients as well, probably my favourite shop.
  • @tosscat - thanks, I am still in E11, hope to move just before or just after Christmas so all my research is internet based now. @HolbornFox are you referring to the same place as Tosscat mentions pls? Oh, never tried "Gary" - i personally really do not see the point of forever looking for substitutes of this and that as there is so much lovely food anyway... Thanks all x
  • I clocked a poorly-made sign in the window of a house talking about a vegan breakfast at a B&B on the Blackstock Road at the weekend if you are interested in that as well.
  • Yes I was talking about the Haelan centre being a great shop, not that I am a vegan, i just buy whole / raw food from there.
  • Thanks @tosscat but may give it a miss LOL @HolbornFox cheers for that
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