Dog Day Care, Mon-Fr, 7:30am- 6pm or 7:30am - 1:30 pm from January needed

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Posting as a separate ad as more visible here. I will be looking for a day care for Zara my 10 yo German Shepherd from January. Local to Florence Road, N4. Ideally no more than 10-15 min WALKING distance. Zara can not jump in/out of a car and she is 40kg so lifting not an option. Someone responsible and familiar with large breed dogs to pick her up from me in the morning before I leave for work and bring her back when I am back from work. Or half day so collect her around 7:30-7:45 and bring her back around 1:30. Leaving her home alone with just a dog walker to break her day would probably makes neighbours suicidal - she is not destructive in any way but barks/howl when left alone, separation anxiety to the extreme. That is why I need a full day day care. Or half day care. I do not particularly want to use any "professional" service as they often have too many dogs in their care and Zara is over 10 years old, likes to sleep a lot. Ideally someone who does not have own dog or has one older, calm dog and is at home all day, with own private garden and no steps access to their house/flat only. Zara will NOT need a walk, she just needs daytime company. I take her for walks myself before/after work - she can not walk too much anyway so I want all her walks to be with me. Zara lives with 4 cats but not sure how she would be with "strange" cats. Probably ok with a confident cat that does not run away from her. Probably not so with a cat that would run away because then she would want to chase and force him to be her friends scaring the cat in the process... She has been group walked with other dogs and in day care for years and if fine with "her" group of dogs - just as long as there are no balls involved. She is very possessive over balls. All balls are HERS sighhhh Price negotiable - please PM me here if interested with some information about you and price you would want to charge for this long term arrangement. Thanks


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