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If anyone feels like joining - would be great. Only created so hope to get some local pet oriented people for pet related chat :) Thanks


  • Right so we are here - if you are on Florence Rd and suddenly have some strange cats visiting please please do not let them in and definitely do not feed. I am keeping my boys in and only took them to the garden for few minutes each so far but when they start going out - they will be trying to visit neighbours as they did in the ild place. I have a whole ginger fat boy George, whole tabby little but fat Macius, tabby with white socks and tie Fred and very unusual really big silver grey with white socks and tie Teddy. Teddu especially likes to visit people and is way too chilled out and friendly for his own good. My cats do not wear collars but are all microchiped and details up to date. They are all adults and neutered. So if any of them tries to visit pls do not encourage by letting them in or feeding. Thanks a million
  • Oh well - they all went out today and straight over the back fence they went. It only took me 2 hours to manage to call them back - sorry to anyone in the area that may have been subjected to me shouting out: Tedyyyyyyyyy, Freeeeeddddd, Georgeeeeee and Kotyyyyyyyy (cats).

    The silly wobbly Macius stayed put in the garden holding on to me and the dog.

    So now the next step - ordered a cat flap, due to arrive on Tuesday. Shall I try to fit it myself or look for someone to fit it for me? Hmmm

    Has anyone had a cat flap installed and can give me some idea about the cost?

    Thanks :)
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    I got quoted about £100 from a handyman a couple of years ago to install a cat flap in our back door; in the end, I bought a cheap jigsaw and cut the hole myself. I'd be happy to lend it to you if you feel like tackling it yourself :smile:
  • Thanks - got a saw spwcially for this. May have a go tomorrow
  • Hi, Not exactly the same topic; we'd like to have a cat for our new home. Does anybody have an idea? contacts? Thanks very much
  • North London Cats at Archway or the rescues in Wood Green or the Mayhew. There are lots of shelters and rescues in North London. Rescue kittens and cats will come to you neuteted, litter trained and with first round of vaccines. We use Zasmsn vets on Tollington Park Rd. Our cat was seriously I'll last Spring and they were excellent.
  • And of course Cats Protection - I am about to take another cat from a small rescue, just waiting for a home check. I know some people at Cats Protection if you want to send me a message I will happily put you in touch
  • Hi! I've been to the Cats Protection north London center in Archway this afternoon. They were really serious about the process of adopting a cat which I found quiet reassuring. We felt in love with an old cat waiting for a new home. Looking forward to get her on Friday. Thanks very much!
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