Drivers barging through one-way system under bridge



  • Your pictures don’t link up....... I put a few pictures (with reg numbers showing) on Twitter. Hashtag?? Now that we know it’s Islington Council’s responsibility, it makes sense to constantly @ Islington Council, their highways department, local councillors and also the police so they have no excuse to say they don’t know about it, and it gets shared with the rest of the world. Seems like local councillors probably don’t read this thread, or care. The local MP probably has bigger things to think about right now.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Probably all uber drivers. I've not been in an uber yet where the driver actually used his own brain.
  • I've seen taxis from the minicab office (so therefore, probably no Uber drivers) do this in the past - but on this occasion, none of the vehicles were taxis.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Interesting - last night there were oodles ploughing through. This morning, there were oodles turning around at the car wash. I've noticed the signs are on the pavement rather than in the road, maybe some people aren't seeing them? Maybe I'll relocate the signs.
  • Is this still happening. I haven't seen anyone doing it recently
  • I have. (I confess to being guilty of it too on my bike, but somehow think that's different! It isn't, really - it's hypocrisy and indefensible).
  • Props to the BTP - as I walked past this evening they were talking to a driver they'd just caught driving the wrong way under the bridge. He seemed to be claiming to have not seen the signs. I hope he was reported for prosecution.
  • Excellent. I've noticed this is on the rise again - one driver I saw this week actually forcing his way through in the face of oncoming cars.
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