Visitors Parking - where can I get some for next week?

Hiya, Finally moving early next week. Just had a look at Haringey Council Website and it is too late to order visitors parking permits now and could not do it before as did not have "proof of address in the area" Obviously will need one for the van moving my stuff and also maybe 2 more for when my dog and my cats arrive with friends same day in the evening as friends will be keeping them in their places on the day of the move and then bringing them over. Is there anywhere I can actually just go and buy some permits just like that? Stroud Green area, kind of behind Nandos a bit. Failing that - can someone possibly lend me/sell me some they maybe already have? Please pretty please? Any advise? Thanks a million Anna


  • Which road, @Anka ? That will determine which zone permits you need.
  • Ah, sorry, I'm out of FPC permits and need to order some!
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    Thanks, no worries - had a msg from someone on here but then nothing after that so not sure if I replied properly - not good friends with this particular forum, bit too complicated for me the messaging system.. hmmmm Moving Tuesday so too late already but as a non resident I was not able to order any before move. How are people supposed to move/park a van? (scratching head)
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I think you can turn up to the council offices in wood green and buy them there over the counter? Best check that but I did that a few years ago when at the same time applying for a parking permit.
  • Thanks - should have asked way ahead and too late now. Did not think I admit. Hope the removal van does not get a ticket. No time to do it tomorrow as have to finish packing for Tuesday. As I do not drive myself at all - this potential issue did not even cross my mind to be honest. Thanks anyway
  • I have some for the Islington zone, which I think starts on the wrong side of Nando's from you. Not so great for the moving van but might help your friends?
  • Thanks @primefactor but it is mostly for the van as daytime. Friends will be delivering my furry creatures later on in the evening and I hope after 6:30 will be ok to park. Thanks a lot anyway x
  • Managed to move in without a parking fine for the van or cats' or dog's delivery. Wohooo
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