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So I moved in on Tuesday and today one of my 4 cats presented me with 2 semi live mice which he has hunted by the cellar.

Cellar is kind of blocked with a bit of whatever and I have 3 cat litter trays on top of that playwood or whatever it is but there are gaps of course.

Now, what kind of an idiot mouse tries to come from the cellar i to the house via a place where 3 cat litter trays are stored?

Bit worried with 2 within an hour but... i am not gonna use any traps that would kill thwm or poison thwm wtc - i hope between my 4 cats they will explain to thw mice that they have to move out voluntarily. Am I wrong?

I was hoping to store somw things in that cellar but not so sure now - ordered some biggg plastic boxes though and will see


  • Idiot mice indeed! Can you seal up the gaps to keep the mice (and other critters) out? There are humane traps you can get for any mice which sneak in when your cats' backs are turned, otherwise definitely store in plastic boxes as those mice will chew through everything else - as I've learned!
  • Thanks @harpistic but the flat is full of holes all over (pretty bad state and will get time to get all sorted) so that would be never ending story - I am sure between 4 of them my cats can manage. Poor George was flat as a pancake by the cellar entrance all day today and looks very disappointed now as there was no free fast food;) I would hate to hurt them with poisons/traps so just hope they get some brain and move out - mice do not freak me out but I rather not see their convulsing little bodies when George gets them - the other 3 are useless lazy sods. I would have actually saved those 2 mice but they were beyond saving by the time George presented them to me - it was kinder to allow him to finish them off ... :(
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