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Tollington Park yellow box junction plan at Regina Road

I have just written this to the council, as I saw a sign the other day saying that it wants to put in a yellow box junction where Tollington Park and Regina Road meet. This seems totally illogical, as it will block traffic further, making the road more dangerous and you aren't allowed to turn right into Regina Road, or right out of it. I think it said the consultation ended on 3 January, but I can find no evidence of it on the Islington website. If you also think this is a daft plan (possibly driven more by fine revenue that common sense), please write to the council. Thanks I have seen a small notice pinned up on Tollington Park suggesting that the council wants to put in a yellow box junction at the junction of Tollington Park and Regina Road. I think it said there was a consultation until 3 January. Not only does this run across Christmas and New Year when people are far less likely to respond, but I cannot find any mention of this anywhere on Islington's website. This seems highly inappropriate, especially as putting a yellow box there seems bizarre and likely to cause more traffic problems on Tollington Park rather than less. You are not allowed to turn right into Regina Road, off Tollington Park, nor are you allowed to turn right out of the quiet residential street that is Regina Road, so why on earth would a yellow box be needed? This will simply further block traffic on a stretch of road that is already heavily congested at busy times, and was made worse by council changes to the layout in recent years. By thwarting the traffic flow here, you are actually making the road more dangerous rather than less, as frustrated drivers rush to fill gaps and pedestrians try to cross the road between stop start traffic. What is the evidence that a yellow box is needed? Where is the explanation for what it will do? I think this consultation should be extended and more widely publicised, as it seems to me that the yellow box junction may be driven more by a desire to rake in money from fines than for any actual traffic management improvement.


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    We pay the council through taxes so that jobsworths can come up with unecessary stuff to justify their existence. Meanwhile they cut basic social services.
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