Something (???) digging in my window flower boxes at night

What could that be? Cat? Fox? They are right on my windowsill outside, ground floor but not very low and today around midnight while taking rubbish out I noticed earth all over 2 of the window boxes - it had been dug out of them. Put it back in, looked out of the window now so 2.5 hours later and exactly the same. Really puzzled as was sitting in the room all that time with cats right by the window and have not heard anything digging there. Has this happened to anyone else? What could it be?


  • Squirrels - looking for bulbs. Happens a lot.
  • Squirrels do it in ours but a young fox used to aswell.
  • Must have a word with Uncle Cedric and tell him not to go out on those strange night walks of his.
  • PS if it's not Uncle Cedric I think it must be foxes because they are nocturnal - I don't think squirrels are.

    We had a similar thing last year and it couldn't have been squirrels as I have eliminated them. So foxes.
  • Put some chilli flakes by the window boxes last night - no digging was done last night. Hoe it stays this way. Squirrels sleep at night unless some squirrel insomniac happens to wander around. Whatever it was, did not alert any of my cats - all of them sleeping on their cat tree which is against the window so literally on the other side of the glass where the window boxes are
  • Try garlic granules too.
  • I tried crushed chillies, freshly ground pepper and garlic minced with vinegar - something was still digging and this time left me a poo inside the window box in a freshly dug up hole :(
  • Oh no, thats cheeky.

    Though you can hopefully identify it by the poo.
  • Ermmmm not quite - my 4 boy cats have manners and pee/poo in their indoor litter boxes and bury it nicely there. Even when they are out - they come back home for the toilet as they like their lovely soft on the paws litter :) Cleaning those up I do not quite look close enough to be able to compare so still no idea what it was. Nothing since the garlic/vinegar/pepper but my windowsills look ermmm weird with that stuff around the plant boxes. And there was me hoping for nice plants on the outside of the windows. Phew... may look for cactus type plants now.
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