Holiday letting in Languedoc, near Carcassonne, France

Historic house in quiet village , with panoramic views of Corbières hills from roof terrace. Spring-fed lake and river swimming, great walking, Cathar castles, markets, vineyards, safe family cycling. Visit beaches, Carcassonne, outstanding museums. Stylishly renovated. Sleeps 4/5; state-of-the-art kitchen; separate dining and living rooms, wi-fi, TV. Short (€600-€750 [euros] per week) and long lets. About us: we are long-term N4 residents, and have regularly offered weeks to local school fundraising auctions; see our website for comments from couples and families who have loved the house and the area, which is easy to get to from Carcassonne airport (Ryanair flights from Stansted) and from other nearby airports and autoroutes. Note that the village is isolated - you need a car to get there and get around. 10% discount for Stroud Green forum members - please identify yourself as such when you make contact. In addition we donate 5% from any booking through this forum to Shelter, which is doing really important work to help homeless people in London and elsewhere in England. We currently have special offers for the first week of the Easter school holiday (31 March to 7 April 2017) and the May half-term week (26 May to 2 June 2017) - NB, Friday to Friday in both cases - £450 [GBP] each week (not combinable with other discounts). For full details see our website: email:


  • Once spent a week with an ex partner staying in budget hotels and using the local transport as well as hitching. Stayed in Quillon. Ate at Terminus bar and cafe. Wine for about a pound back then. Corbierre and Minervois is good cheap wine. The bar back in 2000 was a bit French Twin peaks. Can't afford this but would recommend the area. The train to Carcassone from Quillon is a dramatic ride.
  • Love the area around Quillan - I've a wee place in Puivert myself.
  • Have you been affected by AirBnB @thompson? Positively or adversely, as a holiday home owner seeking clients?
  • Dear krappyrubsnif Thanks for the AirBnB question - though the answer is that I am not sure. I don't think there has been the negative impact in rural areas that people complain about a lot in Barcelona and Berlin, but there are more people renting, and my impression is that some are not very thoughtful about the standard of what they are offering. We have had fewer bookings in last six months, I think mostly because of the fall in the value of the pound. We've reduced our prices for the house to try to keep it as affordable as possible, but we can't do anything about restaurant prices or the other costs of taking a holiday...
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    Thompson is offering a house at a decent price and I doubt air bnb could offer anything better. I looked into a one bed flat for rent for a week a few years back, in Berlin. and it was priced at 650 euros for a week. I know towels, linen and cleaning is included but the mark up is immense. A similar flat would have been less than 200 euros on the private market back then. That's about 200 euros profit. Up to 10 grand a year. I ended up crashing on friends couch.
  • Airbnb is hardly ever cheaper when i look, and i travel for work at least 15 - 20 times a year so look a lot.

    The only exception has been Lisbon, but even then I had one lovely flat and one that was a bit of a nightmare.

    I think most things like eBay, Twitter, Dalston(!) start off well intended and soon become monitised /corporatised to the max, no doubt due to the contant search for higher returns.
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    @ Holborn fox. Agree with you. I remember when studios were reasonable on it. There's one thing renting a room out in flat as I've known an Australian to do while living here to compensate for expensive rents. So if you're paying about £300 a week rent, your tenant pays half (£150) for a room and use of all facilities. A breakfast might be thrown in too. But the solo flats/studios are where the creeps come in. Like the buy to lets, you have the huge mark up. For a couple it's not bad, but for the solo traveller who wants to cook a bit and live life as a local rather than a tourist it's now a bad deal. Dublin is banning flats/houses and only allowing rooms and is monitoring it.. If you check the mark up on admin, it's a rip off. How is 10 pound a day alright for admin when it's mostly automatic on the air bnb site. It should be £3 pound at most.
  • Yes or just a flat fee of say a fiver.

    My mate had a nightmare with it in Dublin and ended up on a campbed in someone's front room!
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