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IRONY Islington waste being wasteful

I received a posted letter from Islington council to tell me how important recycling is, they even included a leaflet. They also told me to be more efficient they are changing my rubbish and recycling day to Monday. The problem is it has always been Monday. I emailed the council to say this was a waste of paper and money. Response from the waste department.

"You have a point. It is easier to post to everyone rather than just the people who are having their bin day changed"

Yes easier but clearly more wasteful and costly.


  • Three letters in our house - one for each flat.
  • Oh, Wed is garden waste collection day on my road so last night I have put things out according to instructions on Haringey website - grass/leaves in one open bag, bigger branches tied up, small cuttings off the bigger branches in a big open bag. Big branches were taken, bag with grass/leaves was taken but a big bag full of smaller cuttings was not. Haringey website says they will take 5 bags (they do not specify the size-the bag is big but not equivalent of 4 bags so was not "over the limit"). So called Veolia and guess what? They will send someone to collect latest tomorrow. Big lorry with 2 people will come out of their way for one bag - when they could have collected today.
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