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Meeting to discuss dangerous driving on Ferme Park Road - Tuesday 7th Feb at 18:30

A group of local residents have been raising concerns about speeding and dangerous driving on Ferme Park Road - issues include cars speeding around the corner and not stopping in time at the Londis zebra crossing, cars overtaking on the wrong side of the traffic island whilst accelerating up the hill, and many near misses with pedestrians at the Stapleton Hall Road/Lancaster Road junction. A meeting is taking place on Tuesday evening at St Aidan's to discuss traffic calming measures and details from Cllr Tim Gallagher are below: Dear resident I’m contacting you as you have previously been in touch about safety concerns around the zebra crossing on Ferme Park Road. Many of you also attended a meeting onsite a couple of weeks ago, and I promised to update residents of progress. As agreed at the last meeting, new signs advising drivers to slow down have been installed before the bend on Stapleton Hall Road, and going down the hill on Ferme Park Road. Officers have been looking at further traffic calming measures, and will present these at a meeting next week at St Aidan’s School, on Tuesday 7 February from 18.30 to 19.30. I look forward to seeing you there. Best wishes Tim Cllr Tim Gallagher Labour councillor for Stroud Green ward and Cabinet Advisor for Culture


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I might try to attend that although I wish they did these things a bit later to allow for those who work hard in central London a reasonable chance of getting there on time. As with a lot of these community things how would people ever know they existed if it wasn't for this forum? Where are these things usually advertised?
  • They are sometimes mentioned in the school newsletter and the one about the boundary commission was advertised on lamp posts but I agree it's a bit hit and miss. Library noticeboard?
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