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Poetry Group: Charles Causley. Mon 13th Feb, White Lion, 8pm

Surprisingly few of Causley's poems seem to be available online - copyright issues, I guess. I've included the links I have found, and am quite happy to e-mail scans of the others to anyone who wants them, whether you come to the poetry group or not - just PM me your e-mail address. He was recorded reading quite a few of his poems, and you can find them here: (look on the RHS of the page). I've put an asterisk by the poems listed here where recordings are available. **War** Song of the Dying Gunner A.A.1 Death of An Aircraft At The British War Cemetery, Bayeux* **Childhood** Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience* Timothy Winters* **Others** I saw a Jolly Hunter* Eden Rock*


  • I'll keep an eye out for a selected works or anthology (preferably second hand) and bring / share if I find one. Also I've got four more anthologised among my books.
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