Trading in a used car

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I am a complete dumbkopf when it comes to cars. I want to get rid of my current car which has only 76,700 on the clock but needs £800 of work on it. Wiser heads than I say ‘trade it in’ but I have no idea of the best way to do this. Should I take it to a car dealer, if so do I have to buy a new car from the actual same dealer, is that how it works? Specialist VW dealer? Car Giant? Private sale? Stick it on eBay? I’m assuming I will actually only get a tenner for it but my neighbour tells me otherwise. My last car was run till it dropped, then I took it to the eco-friendly recycling centre in Edmonton where it was crushed, Goldfinger style (and I was paid £80 for it, so I ended up drinking the car). Hence I have little experience of buying/selling/trading in....... Any advice people?


  • I actually found I got the best price for my old car by old fashioned sticking a note in the window and parking it on a slightly busier road than usual. Cargiant and webuyanycar didn't offer me much as trade in and autotrader and gumtree just gave rise to lots of spam. You can get an idea of valuation by getting an online glass report for about a fiver
  • Sites like webuyanycar are quick but will often give you a lowball price and then knock you down for any possible reason when it comes to an inspection. Trading it in only really works if you buy a car from that dealer - and to be honest they aren't that interested and will give you a low price too. Best option is still to try to sell it yourself, you need an honest, clear and accurate advert, some good pictures and a fair price to do so - and maybe a little patience. Google how to create the best car advert for tips. Another option is that the garage that gave you a quote for the work may buy it from you - they can do it at cost and sell it on. I have sold two cars through Pistonheads - less traffic than autotrader but also less spam. What is the car Krappy?
  • VW Fox (1.2L, similar to current VW Up), three door, registered 2009. 12 months MOT (just done), tax to November. Minor bodywork damage (scuffing, dent) to nearside front door. Bright yellow. Well designed boot space. Brilliant little motor, goes like a bomb. Electrical power steering failed. Sob.
  • Krappy try to sell it privately. It's a VW, so will be in good demand and has got decent mileage and a full 12 month MOT. Someone will definitely buy it who could fix that up. eBay is quite good for that kind of thing, as it is where those people will look.
  • I need to buy a car
  • I think I have just the thing.
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