Desperately seeking a window cleaner

So I have searched the site and all the recomendations either dont respond (colin) or I live the wrong side of stroud green (steve). Can anyone recommend a local window cleaner whose patch covers near FP station. The only company I found online quoted £100 for four windows!!!!!!! Much appreciated in advance. ps if you need your chimney swept I have just used firkins who were great and really tidy.


  • Hello Try His name is Paul The cost depends on your requirements and best to contact him Outside windows (2 windows + bay): £12 In November, he cleaned a total of 6 windows + 2 bays + 2 velux (outside and inside) for £65
  • You could also try Mike on 07397 143868. He used to do my windows when I had lots, & charged around £65 for inside & out on a 4-bed house (9 sash windows, 2 triple bays, 1 set of French doors, 1 door with lots of little glass panels, the glass in the front door & the transom window above it). That was a couple of years ago, so prices might have gone up a bit since.
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