Roof leak...

Evening all - we have just stripped back the paint in our kitchen ready to repaint it and have found a damp patch on the plaster running down from the top of a wall, which is getting worse with the current rain.

We are in a top floor flat and our kitchen has a flat roof, so we are concerned that the leak is coming from up there. Does anyone have any recommendations of a roofing company that would be able to look into this for us, preferably as soon as possible and not astronomically expensive?

Many thanks!


  • Len is your man from a local company Crompton Roofing from Oakfield Road.

    He has helped us out a few times very reasonably. Tel no O208 348 3696
  • Hi, I run a property maintenance company called
    I have vetted and reasonable tradespeople on my books. I have a very reasonable roofer who works with a Cherry Picker (Firemans left) which reduces the need & cost of scaffolding. Please have a look at my website, feel free to give me a call on 02082927835 to discuss.
  • I'd second the recommendation for Lenny from Compton roofing..I've used him a few times and he has always been very efficient and reasonable.
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