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Does anyone know a good French and/or Spanish tutor?

I'm looking for someone who can help our son, working towards GCSEs...

Any suggestions very gratefully received.


  • I’m also looking for a French tutor or courses locally - have you had any luck ?
  • Ditto. Would be very interested in improving my very rusty French, ideally with a one-to-one session that focussed on conversation. All suggestions appreciated.
  • Hello thompson, Okami and MMF
    I live in the area and have been working as a private language tutor since 2008. I teach GCSE French and Spanish and have supported many students in the build-up to the exams.
    I also teach languages to adults. Conversation or more advanced reading and writing.
    I have a C.V. I can send. Not sure if this web site has a facility for this.
    Please contact me if you are interested.
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